The Worst Kind of Christmas

The Worst Kind of Christmas


The Worst Kind of Christmas


It floors me every year how you spend the better part of a month … basically since Thanksgiving … preparing for Christmas. You shop, you clean the apartment, you wrap your gifts, you buy your cards, you get the tree out of the box, you throw on the ornaments, you make all kinds of arrangements for a holiday that is described by your garden variety marketing types as “magical”. Then, for about four hours, you have some lunch, you unwrap your gifts and you’re taking a nap by 6:30. It’s over, and you wonder where it all went, as the fun part only lasted four hours as opposed to the month you spent preparing for the four hours of fun.

David Wright’s return to Major League Baseball tonight was all the worst parts of Christmas. David spent two years and four months preparing to come back to the majors for his last four hours of fun which, relatively speaking could have/should have lasted about 3-4 years if everything broke right. Instead, his return lasted all of one pitch as he grounded out against Jose Urena in the fifth in a pinch hitting role. After tomorrow, as his fun is going to last about four hours … and that’s literally … it’ll all really be over. Two and a half years all culminating in one pitch, and four hours.

I guess we shouldn’t cry too hard for David. Many good careers end not in a stadium with a ceremony, but in a living room after zero of 30 phone calls to major league teams looking for a spring training invite are returned. David will enjoy his baseball Christmas tomorrow. But the realization that it’ll all be over by this time tomorrow will hit him hard. It’ll hit us Mets fans hard. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, it’ll probably hit me hard. Christmas is supposed to be more magical than that. But that’s what this all feels like. Lots of preparation for four house. Then, the end.

Contrary to what Mickey Callaway says, it’s not going to feel like the playoffs. The closest this game is going to get to the playoffs is the last game at Shea in 2008, when the playoffs were still on the table, so there may or may not have been good byes said. Tomorrow will be that … except that you know there’s a good bye at the end. It’s going to feel like Christmas is coming to an end.

It’s going to feel like good bye.

The Mets lost 8-1. Some defense would have been nice.

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