What size baseball bat should I buy my son?

What size baseball bat should I buy my son?


What size baseball bat should I buy my son?


Our next generation is our pride, our source of joy and wish fulfillment too. So whatever we do or buy for then is sometimes our emotion based or sometimes our tendency to keep them happy in their lives too. Before thinking of buying a baseball for kids let us have a look towards this particular term. Actually base ball is a kind of popular game where a ball is hit by a wooden or metal baseball bat after the ball is thrown by the pitcher. In reality a baseball bat is not more than 2.75 inches in diameter in its thickest part and no more than 42 inches long. Although previously bats of 3 pounds were swung but now a days bats are of 33 ounces and it is common. 

Baseball Bat is something different:

Actually this baseball bat has a unique shape of its own. It has a thick part which is commonly known to us a barrel and it hits the ball. The end of the barrel is called top, end or cap of the bat. Gradually the barrel narrows and the handle are thin enough so that one can hold it in his /her grip easily. 

How to Choose the Best Baseball Bat for Your Son?

So when it’s your turn to buy such a baseball bat for your son, you have to be cautious enough about each and everything related to it. Though there is new technology in the production of bats , but one thing should be kept in mind that one must follow the strict regulations while buying bats because it should be dependent on the age level of the player. So while buying a baseball bat one should not be much overwhelmed. Rather parents should be more rational. 

While shopping for a bat, one should keep in mind,if your son is between 3′ and 3′.4″, then what you will look for is 26″ bats for that young player. The size of the bat increases every 1 inch for every 4 to 5 inch the kids grow.

So while buying a new baseball bat 

  • Be sure of your kid’s height
  • Compare the bat’s height should reach but never exceeds the child’ seat hip otherwise it will        
  • be tough to swing the bat 
  • Weight is also an important factor in case of swinging.  

Children under 60 pounds can use the bats between 26 to 29 inches and children more than 70 pounds must use bats between 28 to 32 inches.

As you have a clear idea about the sizes of your kid’s, so, while shopping you will also have an idea of what size bat your child needs. As you as you want to fulfill your obsessions of shopping baseball bat for your young player, be confident about the new sporting goods coupons as there are lots of advantages while using these coupons. Though these various offers and discounts are available yet as it’s the case of your own songs you must be aware of the perfect quality and scientific methods of manufacturing of the baseball bats.

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