What to Look For In Boxing Shoes

What to Look For In Boxing Shoes


What to Look For In Boxing Shoes


Your punch, grip and flexibility are equally important in the boxing ring. To win the match you have to give your 100 %. Boxing gloves are the important equipment but shoes also play a great role to fix your moves. If you are a regular boxing player then you have to choose the supportive and comfortable shoes for you. Pick the stylish as well as comfortable pairs of shoes for you. But what criteria you should follow to choose the right Boxing Shoes for you.

Here are the few steps you should follow while choosing your Boxing Shoes:


  • Visit to the Perfect Place of Sports Goods: To have the best and perfect shoes for you just visit to the right shop which is specialized for the sports shoes. You will find your appropriate boxing shoes there but don’t be confused with the wrestling shoes which look same as your boxing pairs.



  • Choose as per Your Boxing Type: While searching for the best pair of shoes for boxing, you will get two types of shoes, high top and low top. Low top boxing pair is looking similar to the high top sneaker. So if you are a speed boxer then the low top shoes are for you as it provides you a faster ankle and foot movement. And the high top boots are for those whose quick movement is the USP in the ring. This High top Boxing Shoes provides support to your shins and ankle.



  • Choose the light-weight shoes: When you are in the ring, your each body parts along with your equipment have to work as your supporter not as an obstacle. So make sure you shoes are comfortable enough to help you. Basically, boxing shoes are made up with the breathable leather and suede along with a rubber outsole which provides a good grip so that you can stay longer in the ring.



  • Try out, before buying the shoes: Boxing shoes are little bit narrower than the normal shoes so before buying that make sure to ware that first. Then check properly, jump a few times and stand on your toes to check its comfort, also check various ways before invest on it because a slight irritation can harm you a lot while you are in the ring.



  • Some easy tips to choose: 



  • Check the Ankle strap is available or not, because it provides a good Ankle support and locking your foot with comfort.
  • Check the ventilation holes are there on the upper part of your shoes.
  • Check for the toe cap which improves your durability and helps you to rise on your toe.
  • Check for the heel cup which helps you to keep your heels in place.


Before entering in the ring, practice well wearing these shoes, it will be better if you try this Boxing shoes with the socks. Walk, run, jump after wearing the boots, just to ensure your comfort.

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