5 Tips to gaining weight if you are a skinny guy

5 Tips to gaining weight if you are a skinny guy


5 Tips to gaining weight if you are a skinny guy


Weight problems have affected so many people. It has contributed majorly to low self-esteem among victims and even to the extent of committing suicide and taking one’s life as they feel unwanted or like a disgrace to the community. There are so many things bothering people with weight problems and they should never be overlooked. Weight loss is the most common weight related problem that has been so talked about and exhausted on leaving out and forgetting those who are skinny and are struggling to gain weight. No matter how rare it may seem or uncommon, being skinny and unable to gain weight is a big problem that is affecting many people and eating them up in silence. It is for this reason that there has been professionals who have emerged to help out the skinny people. There is still hope and no one should give up. Below are some of the tips to gaining weight if you are a skinny guy:


  • Controlled consumption of naked mass protein. This has been rated the best weight gainer in the market. Proteins have been known to add weight to a person. The proteins are the ones responsible for the increase in flesh of a person therefore hiding the body nakedness by adding flesh. The naked mass protein is a food supplement powder that offers muscles to the flesh. It is made up of elements such as whey protein, casein and tapioca that are essential for the growth of the body.



  • Serious mass gainer. This is   another food supplement that is gaining popularity among skinny people because of its additional flavors and sweeteners. It is a boost in calories that helps one add weight in moderation. The serious mass gainer is made up of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins such as glutamine and creatinine. It is very nutritious and can be taken at any time, before or after the main meal, before or after training or even before going to bed.



  • Super mass gainer. This is another supplement that is taking care of the body size and shape. It has an enormous amount of calories that ensure you do not use up your store energy and fats during exercise. In fact, it ensures that you have extra energy to use during exercise and avoids excess consumption of the same. It is also a good supplement that ensures the body regains its energy and repairs the body cells after workout.



  • Mutant mass weight gainer. This protein powder supplement is taken in small amounts and is doing wonders to a person’s body within a short period of time. The powder is made up of proteins such as albumen from the egg, casein colostrum and pure carbs to make it bulk. It has a great taste and the calories are efficient per single serving.



  • GNC Pro performance bulk mass gainer- double chocolate. This is another best supplement with acid proteins in the body that restricts the usage of the body fatty acids during workout and ensures a faster recovery after workout.


All these supplements have been medically and scientifically tested therefore have no side effects. You should do a detailed background check on the same to know which will work best for you.

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