7 Ways of Improving Ping Pong Skills

7 Ways of Improving Ping Pong Skills


7 Ways of Improving Ping Pong Skills


Apparently, many people have shown interest in ping pong like never before. Moreover, the ping pong tables have found ways into the corporate offices, poolside parties, and into the living room of the house from being just in the bunker.

Many ping pong players and fans have now started to adopt an unorthodox form of this game. In fact, they have been getting improved results. Hence, you can find the methods to improve your game by learning the basics.

Getting A Perfect Paddle

First things first, the vital tool for playing ping pong perfectly is a perfect ping pong paddle. If you are a rookie then going for the beginner paddle is advisable. It will not only have a lower spin but also low rebound speed.

Although you think you are getting good at spinning use the beginner paddle for a few months at least. It will help you judge the opponent’s shot for taking the returns. Moreover, you shall focus on improving your speed and not the spin initially.

Go for ping pong robots

Getting a ping pong robot can be very helpful to you in improving the game, taking returns, learning to smash, and aiming the corners. Moreover, robots also eliminate the human errors that you would face while practicing with someone.

Anticipate the Game

Improving is not only a unidirectional or linear learning, but improvement is only possible when you plan for your strategy in advance. Additionally, planning for a strategy requires a lot of anticipation and real-time improvisation.

Exploit the Rival’s Weakness

Having said about anticipation, you shall then try to attack at the rivals’ weaknesses. It will only be the matter of time that you can easily take control of the game exploiting his/her weaknesses.

Hit the Ball from Various Heights

Ping pong balls are the best elements to consider when we’re talking about tricky gameplay. Moreover, people have a habit of maintaining the pace and height of the ball fast and low as possible. However, it does not mean that you cannot use various game shots. In fact, hitting the ball from the different angles as well as height makes it difficult for the opponent.

Play Power and Spin Shots at Optimum Level

The game of ping pong will not be very difficult if you keep getting the shots at great speeds all the time. Instead, it is difficult to play a game when you get a mix of fast, swing, and spins at different shots, right? Hence, you shall change the type of shot you play after a couple of shots.

Identify Your Mistakes

Finally, to end with the suggestions, self-criticism can play a vital role in identifying your mistakes. You could absolutely look for the areas of improvements. It will include, watching other games and players making their moves and strategies. Also, taking your own video can be a great way to have a different perspective.

The EndNote

Finally, if there is a way you can properly play ping pong being a rookie then it is by getting the practice balls. Practice ping pong balls are the best for beginners because of minimum spinning capability as well as will cost nuts. Furthermore, getting a few more balls for the practice is always beneficial. Also, take breaks to plan, execute, and improvise the game, you can even see professionals do the same. Apart from that, you shall observe more to learn more

Author Bio: Brian is a sports enthusiast and a table tennis coach at Triumph Sports NY. He also works closely with the Sports Administration Department in Harrisburg. Being an advocate of sports benefits, he started his own world of Ping Pong at pingpongguide.net where everyone can take away the lessons he has learned.

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