Gumby Reviews: BJJ Tee Club

Gumby Reviews: BJJ Tee Club

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Gumby Reviews: BJJ Tee Club


I’ve always been skeptical of subscription services.

My hesitation started when I was only 20 and joined my first BJJ gym. They had me sign a contract that had dozens of cancellation clauses and fine print. So when I moved away, I had to fake an injury to get them to freeze my account. I’m likely still on their rolls, albeit with outdated information.

So when I was invited to review BJJ Tee Club, it seemed like an interesting concept, but one that I wouldn’t be into for long term. However, they eased my nerves and showed that subscription services not only don’t have to be difficult, but can be downright pleasurable to work with.

Benefit #1: Ease

Like all subscription services, you can choose all different lengths of time. They vary in cost, giving the consumer a price break for the more months they buy at a given time. This is fairly standard.

However, unlike many companies (and unlike my predatory first gym), BJJ Tee Club does not require a contract. You can stop things at any time and they are readily available to help you at the drop of a hat. Their customer service when it comes to working on things like this is easy to reach. A pop up window hits as soon as you reach their site and a representative is there for you at all times.

If I didn’t think it could get any easier, they take things a step further. Not only do they make starting and cancelling easy, they also help you out if you get a product you aren’t thrilled with. A lot of subscriptions, especially boxes, force you to keep the items you get. This is particularly risky when you have no idea what might show up. BJJ Tee Club allows you to send the product back if you aren’t 100% satisfied. But that brings us to the next point…


Benefit #2: The Product 

The product itself is pretty high quality. The material of the t-shirts is 100% cotton on each and every delivery. They are classic fit, so you don’t have to worry about it being one of those BJJ companies that make smedium shirts that look like the ones Joe Rogan rocks.

In addition to the good fit and feel, you can count on the graphics being simple, but also interesting. They aren’t a small logo over the breast, but instead take up most of the chest on most occasions. You can also count on the graphics to be unobtrusive when it comes to your skin. Some cheaper companies have those graphics that are heavy or become scratchy underneath, but BJJ Tee Club’s graphics can’t really be felt at all.

So in summary, you look good and feel good.


Benefit #3: Helping Others

Not that there needs to be a reason to get a solid product at a great price, but BJJ Tee Club is also charitable.

This company takes 10% off their overall profits and uses them to buy shirts for kids in need. As part of their #Tees4TotsProject they provide extra warmth and an extended wardrobe for those who need it most. Their goal is to provide a million shirts to at-need youth, which allows you to be apart of something bigger while still getting a product that you want.



While originally skeptical, BJJ Tee Club provides an easy to use service that I would suggest to all of my friends and readers. Check them out at and see for yourself.


And if you run a company and would like to have Gumby review it, contact him at @GumbyVreeland on Twitter and maybe you’ll wind up here. 


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