The Blues are using #stlblues as their official hashtag

The Blues are using #stlblues as their official hashtag


The Blues are using #stlblues as their official hashtag


The St. Louis Blues received a ton of grief on social media last season when they decided to use #AllTogetherNowSTL as their official hashtag. The length of the hashtag, and the fact it represented just that year’s marketing campaign and not the team as a whole, made it a poor option. Fans resorted back to the #stlblues hashtag naturally instead of adopting the new iteration.

Now with the new season approaching, the Blues are going with #stlblues as their official hashtag. On Twitter, using the hashtag produces the team’s logo as an emoji automatically in your message.

Credit to the Blues for listening to the feedback and making the right call. Personally, I refused to use the old hashtag. A hashtag is supposed to be a simple thing that immediately conveys its message. The #AllTogetherNowSTL option doesn’t say anything about the Blues. It was also really, really annoying to type out.

The Blues may receive more flack this season for some of their in-game entertainment decisions, but at least their hashtag game is on point.

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