7 Worst Sport Fights of All Time

7 Worst Sport Fights of All Time


7 Worst Sport Fights of All Time


Not all sports end up the right way – and it has reached a time when we all don’t need to watch WWE or Mayweather-McGregor fights to get entertained. There have been a number of memorable sports fights over the decades, whether on the ice or on the court.

Let us look at some of the memorable fights that have been witnessed over the years in various sports.

#1: Kobe Bryant Vs Chris Childs
This fight happened in April 2000, at the Staples Center, Los Angeles California. This became one of Kobe’s most infamous moments on the court. It all started when Kobe hit Childs with his elbow when coming off screen, and this led to a brief exchange before Childs reiterated by hitting Kobe in the throat. Benches cleared very fast though no more punches were exchanged.

When everything settled down, both these players were ejected and suspended. Childs received a bigger punishment of sitting it out for 2 games while Kobe received suspension of 1 game.

#2: Red Sox vs. Yankees
This all-famous fight happened in October 2003, at the Fenway Park Boston, MA. This was game 3 of the ALCS. The Yankees and the Red Sox have been some of the biggest rivals in this sport, and are no stranger to brawls. But one of the most memorable brawls happened in this crucial game of the season.

The series was tied in at 1-1, when the Red Sox pitcher at that time, Roger Clemens took a bump for Pedro Martinez. What followed was a melee like no other.

#3: Charles Barkley vs. Shaq
If you have ever thought of a heavyweight showdown, then this was it. These two huge players have been chummy on TV of recent, but this wasn’t the case on the court. This came out clearly when the Rockets faced it off against the Lakers and saw these two players get into an altercation when Barkley bounced off the basketball off Shaq’s head. Soon punches were being exchanged as the two players went after each other, and since they were the biggest players then, nothing could be done. Each of the players had to pay fines and sat it out one game each.

#4. Barcelona vs. Athletic Bilbao 
This fight happened in the year 1984, when the legendary Argentine, Diego Maradona played for Barcelona.  During the Cop del Rey final at the Santiago Bernabeu, Mardona faced the ‘Butcher of Bilbao’ Andoni Goikoetxea, who had broken Maradona’s ankle in a previous meeting. Maradona took revenge right after the match as he kicked Andoni in the head. This led to one of the biggest fights ever seen in soccer.  

#5: Miami vs. FIU
The fight started when Chris Smith and Matt Perelli engaged in some sort of wrestling match that ended up in a free-for all for players in both teams. The end result was 13 penalties and a total of 31 suspensions for the players.

#6: Kermit Washington vs. Rudy Tomjanovich
This happened in a Houston Rockets vs. LA Lakers match, when the players engaged in a fight. Rudy ran in to try and break up the fight only for Kermit to crush him in the face with a punch. Rudy fell down unconscious, ending up with a messed face for some time.

#7: Juan Marichal vs. Johnny Roseboro
This happened in 1965 in a game at Candlestick Park when the Dodgers were playing against the Giants. It all started when Dodgers player Roseboro clipped Giants pitcher Juan Marichal, who retaliated by smashing a bat in Roseboro’s head. This led to a huge fight ever experienced in history. The fight was eventually broken up.

In Conclusion
Some sports can’t be complete without a brawl, but the end result is usually penalties and even suspension of the players. A personal injury attorney should be contacted in case you are intentionally injured by another player.

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