Risks Associated With Urban Cycling

Risks Associated With Urban Cycling


Risks Associated With Urban Cycling


Studies show that the number of accidents on the roads has increased over the past few years, which makes it tough for those who are planning to start cycling to any destination – whether work or for leisure.

Any person that spends more time on a bicycle in a city has one time, or another wondered whether the health benefits of riding in such a city outweigh the various demerits.

You will look at the health benefits, the speed of commuting and the low cost of moving – versus the fact that you place yourself in line for an accident with a lorry or a motorist. Studies show that more than half the number of people who ride believe that it is too dangerous to cycle on the road. But many people have got encouraged by the experience of commuting using a bike, though seeing a cycling accident puts many people off.

Here are the various situations that make cycling dangerous.

1. Cutting You Off
At times it is the vault of the motorist, who will pass you on the left and then doesn’t see you before cutting you off, forcing you to stop without any plan at all. Another scenario is when you try to pass the car on the right and then you are unaware that there is a car behind, which leads to a collision. Regardless of this situation, these scenarios usually come when you least expect them to.

2. Getting Doored

Riders might forget that passengers and motorists at times open a door when you least expect it. Just when you are enjoying your ride along the street, the door of the car in front of you opens suddenly, and you don’t have the time to react. The next thing is you run into a wall of metal. The only sad thing is that you will never know the cars that are safe to ride by and those that aren’t safe to go by.

To solve this, make sure that you ride further to the left than you always do so that you don’t run into an unexpected wall that will damage your bicycle and leave you injured as well.

3. Truck Accidents
One of the risks in urban cycling is accidents. Due to an increase in commercial trucks in urban areas, cycling accidents have increased due to the negligence of the truck drivers. A truck accident attorney helps you get the proper compensation for injuries sustained in such accidents.

  1. Rear End Collisions
    Many riders fear this kind of collision because it involves a car hitting your bicycle from behind, catching you unawares. The chances of avoiding this collision are low, which forces you to swerve or slow down.

    These collisions can be avoided if you have side mirrors on your bicycle and make sure you don’t brake suddenly when you have a car following you from behind.

    In Closing
    Cycling is one of the ways to get around urban areas. You can cycle to work or just for leisure. However, cycling comes with its own challenges that you need to understand so that you can avoid them.

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