Which Five Stars Will Shine in the Real Madrid Sky This Year?

Which Five Stars Will Shine in the Real Madrid Sky This Year?


Which Five Stars Will Shine in the Real Madrid Sky This Year?


Christian Renaldo’s recent move to Juventus has been a shattering blow to all Real Madrid fans all around the world. His disheartening performance at the new club is not helping fix millions of broken hearts either. At the same time, it is true that real talent waits for no one. After Renaldo’s departure, at least five new talents have shone through from his old home, RM. Their performances were just as remarkable and notable in the recent weeks. Find out more on Premier League at Wager Bop.

Here are the new five soccer stars every soccer lover should keep an eye on during upcoming premier league matches –


  • Gareth Bale


Currently, he is one of the fastest footballers in the world. Bale is undoubtedly Real Madrid’s most expensive decision up until now. Experts and fans have dubbed him the most dangerous left winger. However, he is also remarkable in the striker and center forward positions. While Ronaldo was still playing for RM, Bale always dominated the right flank, but he has the potential to shine as an all-rounder this season. After recovering from a slew of injuries, the Welshman is finally back on the field.


  • Marco Asensio


It is no secret to the world that Asensio is Ronaldo’s replacement in Real Madrid. In the last few matches, he has played in form. He has been indispensable at Bernabeu, although RM once decided to loan him out to FC Espanyol. He has fantastic special awareness, grace, great speed and an almost intuitive understanding of the attacking transitions. However, Asensio is famous for his almost-impossible long-range goals.


  • Luka Modric


Modric has made some dedicated fans during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. From his crazy good tactical strategies to his command over the pre-assist, The Playmaker is an asset for Real Madrid. He achieved the Golden Ball for his performance in the FWC 2018. His role as the captain of the Croatian football team has led the team to the finals for the first time in the history of FIFA.


  • Karim Benzema


This Frenchman has made his presence felt in the world of international football and premier league over the last few years. He has been a steadily brilliant player. Benzema is famous as the team player, who has helped many of his teammates score. He is more comfortable in the offense positions than he is in the wing, although he has played in the wing before. This football legend has scored 195 goals for the team.

  • Marcelo Vieira


If someone called Vieira Real Madrid’s favorite player, he or she would not be wrong. He has been the most outstanding left-back in the world. He brings a zap of energy to the RM team. The world knows him for this effective, yet out of the box trapping skills, like the kind we got to watch in the 2018 UCL Semis against Bayem. Viera has a unique set of skills that allows him to attack, strike and score, even though he plays the defense position.

Real Madrid is a treasure trove of some of the best players the premier league will ever get to see. Keep an eye on the five names we have mentioned above to gain a better understanding of the upcoming matches and their outcomes.

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