NBA Betting at 888 Sport US

NBA Betting at 888 Sport US


NBA Betting at 888 Sport US


The NBA is one of the most valuable sports leagues in the world, up there with the premier league, American Football and Major League Baseball.

A fast paced league driven by superstar athletes, the NBA is a great platform for sports bettors. But like the premier league, the basketball league can be unpredictable. Teams win in the last minute a lot of times, and the absence of a star player can completely change the game’s direction.

Fans love to bet on the NBA. Each year, more and more basketball fans are involved in sports betting at 888 Sport US.  However, winning money with sports betting takes some skills. Follow these tips to increase your win percentage for NBA games.

Know the Basics

Basketball differs from soccer and American Football in a lot of ways. A game can’t end in a draw. And if it does, the referees must add the two teams five extra minutes. A regular match ends after 48 minutes, and not 90 like in football or more than two hours like in baseball.

Each NBA team has 82 games in a regular season, facing its divisional opponents four times. Like in football, there are defensive and offensive players. A balanced team is able to defend and attack its opponents at the same time.

For the uninitiated, the goal of basketball is to get the ball into the basket. Teams get one point if they convert a foul shot. They get two points for a field goal and three points if a player completes an attempt while standing beyond the 3-point field mark.

Because of the many games played in a season, more than 15 teams play every week. Sometimes the games are played in the middle of the week. Stay prepared to research odds before the games begin.

Know the Stars

In any sport, star-studded teams tend to outperform teams consisting of regular players. In the NBA, teams regularly attempt to build “super teams” with the goal of dominating their conferences. An example is the Golden State Warriors, which currently have three of the NBA’s best superstars (Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson).

Knowing NBA stars helps you understand which teams will dominate a division series. It also helps you understand bookies’ ways of setting odds better. In a regular game, betting companies try to balance the odds. Some players back the star-studded team while others go for the opponent.

Home Teams Perform Better

While it’s not a constant rule, home teams in the NBA tend to beat the away teams. Statistics by puts the average win rate for basketball home teams at 59.9%. The NFL comes in second with home teams winning 57.1% of the time.

Some teams have a higher home win rate but rarely will you find NBA teams that loses more at home than on the road. During the 2016/17 season, the Golden State Warriors won 67 of their 82 games at home, a win percentage of 82%. They also won 16 of their 17 postseason games at home also.

Of course, a team’s home advantage is not the only factor that determines which team wins. If that were the case, we could all bet for home teams every time.  

Team Schedules and Missing Players

On the road teams also win games. But if their schedules are tight and crucial players are missing, they tend to be disadvantaged. The US is a big country and some teams like the Raptors must travel to New York, Philadelphia and Boston to face their opponents. Western conference teams like the Lakers and Portland travel even farther to compete with competitors.

In recent years, the NBA has been trying to lower the disadvantage of away teams. The regular season has one week longer to avoid teams playing four consecutive games. Still, back to back schedules affect teams a lot.

If the team consists of young players, their motivation tends to decrease. Teams consisting of older players suffer frequent injuries. When betting for a team disadvantaged by tight schedules, be certain you are making the right decision.

If you are not sure about your predictions, consult with NBA experts betting tips. Many are the times you back a team based on your knowledge of the game. But unfortunately, that’s not all is needed to bet correctly. Tipsters analyze every aspect for the NBA to make predictions with high likelihoods of happening.

Concentrate on Specific Markets

Like football and baseball, you can wager on several outcomes in the NBA. You can bet on which team wins, over and under bets, propositions and point spreads. One tip: don’t gamble in every wager type. Your goal is to make money. Pick a wager type you can research about and predict correctly.

The biggest advantage with the NBA is that a specific set of factors influences wins almost all the time. The home advantage is a key component. Several big teams, including the Miami Heats’ team that had Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwane Wade severally lost to weaker teams because of home advantage. A team’s motivation to win, schedules and form also tend to influence a game’s outcome.

Manage your Bankrolls

Tipsters give you tips to win, but you won’t always win. If plan to bet throughout the season, have a reasonable bankroll. Let’s say you start betting with €1,000. Make a schedule to determine when to play and which teams to wager on.

In a regular NBA season, teams play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can decide to bet on two games in a week or six games, two on each match day. But irrespective of your schedule, manage your bankroll.

Don’t over spend when you get into losing streaks. Don’t get greedy when you begin to win. Maintain your schedule, unless you have a flexible staking plan where you bet more when on a winning streak.

To Conclude

The NBA has 30 teams scheduled to play 82 games every season. 16 of the best teams advanced to the playoffs and compete for the title.  Most of the teams win more at home than when away. Some of them have long road schedules while others dominate their divisional series regularly. Understanding the key factors that influence game outcomes in the NBA is the easiest way to bet and win in the league.

If you can’t seem to understand the ins and outs of the NBA, find help from online tipsters. Betting experts are professionals and tend to see factors a regular fan can’t. Most tipster sites are also free. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t compare your predictions before deciding a winner.

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