Social Media Reacts To Bobby Lashley Heel Turn On 'WWE Raw'

Social Media Reacts To Bobby Lashley Heel Turn On 'WWE Raw'

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Social Media Reacts To Bobby Lashley Heel Turn On 'WWE Raw'


Bobby Lashley shocked WWE fans on October 8 when he turned heel against Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw. Lashley’s hype man, Lio Rush, spent the majority of the match yelling encouragement to Bobby over the microphone while the fans voiced their displeasure.

The longer the match continued, the more fans hated it. However the reason for Rush’s constant distractions were not evident until the end.

Lashley won the bout but then decided to take out some more aggression on his defeated opponent. He attacked Owens, wrapping KO’s legs around the ring post. Fans booed Bobby for this and Lashley threw his arms up in response, obviously working for the negative reaction. He got exactly what he wanted.

WWE’s social media immediately exploded after the incident. Many fans, including The New York Post‘s Joseph Staszewski, applauded the move, mostly because Lashley has been on shaky ground since returning to Vince McMahon’s company.

The same fans were also happy to see the heel turn because it evidently means that Kevin Owens has also made his own turn. The attack on KO could perhaps now transform the former Universal champion into a babyface. The double turn was definitely unexpected but the response, from writers like ESPN’s Tim Fiorvanti, was very positive indeed.

Suddenly the pairing of Lashley and Rush makes more sense than ever. Now Bobby has a heat magnet by his side who will point the big man in the right direction. All Lio has to do is call the shot and Bobby Lashley will respond.

It may not be the main event run that many of Lashley’s fans were hoping for when he returned to WWE. Indeed, Bobby has been a top talent in every company he’s worked for over the years. But no one can deny that Lashley needed something fresh to reinvigorate his WWE career.

It’s unknown what will happen from here. But it’s logical to assume that Kevin Owens will want revenge on Lashley for the attack. However is reporting that both of KO’s legs are injured, which means Lashley may be moving on to his next opponent, at least for now.

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