Steelers' Head Coach Mike Tomlin Is Getting Fined for His Honesty

Steelers' Head Coach Mike Tomlin Is Getting Fined for His Honesty


Steelers' Head Coach Mike Tomlin Is Getting Fined for His Honesty


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t exactly what you would call a fan-favorite when it comes to NFL coaches. He’s criticized more often than not, and typically leaves a lot of fans more upset with his work, rather than satisfied. No matter what your opinion was on Mike Tomlin yesterday needs to change today, though.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they could be wearing a cool jacket, and a headset. Mike Tomlin is an NFL hero as of today. He spoke up for what was right. The NFL referees are ruining the game that we love each and every week, and Coach Tomlin is not going to let it go unnoticed. He’s angry, just like the rest of us.

Just in case you missed it, Mike Tomlin held nothing back during his postgame presser on Sunday after defeating the Atlanta Falcons. Now, keep in mind, the Steelers won the football game, but Tomlin is still this upset with the officiating. That should tell everybody involved with the NFL’s rulebook just how frustrating this game is getting. So to recap, here’s a video of Tomlin’s post-game presser at that moment.

Mike Tomlin is Angry…

And Now the NFL is Too…

A head coach opens up his mouth in a negative, but a very honest way in light of the inconsistency amongst NFL referee’s this season. And of course, the NFL is ready to send a bill in the mail for Coach Tomlin to pay up for whoever’s feelings got hurt with the truth.

The NFL strikes again. They will do anything but the right thing to silence players and coaches from speaking their minds. There’s a definite problem in the NFL with the penalties, and it’s becoming somewhat un-watchable at some points.

Everybody hates it. Making the game safer is understandable, but the inconsistency is atrocious. Mike Tomlin spoke up on his feelings and said what 31 other head coaches are probably feeling as well. Unfortunately, he might have to pay for that, literally.

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