The Best Live Scores App of 2018

The Best Live Scores App of 2018


The Best Live Scores App of 2018


For football fans around the world, the weekend is a time to watch the beautiful game. At times it is impossible to watch all your favorite teams play. When the major teams play at the same time, the only way to follow each game closely is to use a live-scores app.

There are tens of football apps on Google and Apple play stores. Depending on the app’s quality, you can get minute-by-minute match commentaries or a waste of space on your smartphone. If like most fans you are after a feature-packed, live score app, read the following review about Skores.

What is Skores?

Skores is a sports app that brings you schedules for all major games, tournaments and national teams. The app is also a live-score app, meaning it gives you match-related updates as the game goes on.

Live-score apps helps football fans and bettors keep up with scores, injuries and red cards as games are played. Sports bettors can’t do with the apps. They must check match schedules, lineups and team statistics to make informed predictions.

Skores was designed for both avid bettors and football fans alike. It’s packed with every feature a live-score app user would admire. Below are some of these features.

Simple, Beautiful Design

In contrast to the many football out there, Skores the ultimate fan zone is a minimalistic, simple by design app. Blue and white are the only colors on its interface. The complementing hues give the app a calm, sublime outlook.

The app’s interface is designed with non-techy users in mind. At the top left corner of its gateway is the menu feature. Clicking the icon introduces you to an avalanche of features categorized into four distinct, services. At the top right corner is the option to choose your favorite sport.

Skores may be popular with football fans, but also supports hockey, basketball and other sports. You can get live-scores, tips and team news irrespective of which sport you select. Below the menu icon is a calendar that lets you pick any date to check teams playing on that date.

Wide Variety of Games

Skores understand football fans follow multiple games, including teams they dislike. In an alphabetical format, the android and iOS app lists all major countries with football teams playing each day.

If you want to choose a game, select the teams’ home county (s) and check whether the teams are featured. Skores support all major tournaments and leagues. In a typical weekend, the user-friendly app will show live-scores for up to 150 games.

Since most fans and bettors prioritize major leagues like the premier league, Skores list England at the top of its page. Other European countries with renowned leagues follow after which other countries are listed alphabetically.

While the app does not show live-scores for every game on Earth, be certain you follow all your favorite teams on Skores. If you are a fan of football and another sport, configure the app to select other sports and games.

Match Stats and Betting Tips

Skores doesn’t wait until the match day to give you updates. You can view team statistics several days ahead of the scheduled date. Learn about the team’s histories, each team’s injury reports and rankings.

Sports bettors will particularly enjoy the app’s style of offering pre-match commentaries. You get all the information needed to predict a winner. The app tells you about the star players in the teams, their form and anything else that could help pick a winner.

In addition to stats, Skores gives you betting tips. They tell you which team is likely to win. Sometimes they pick either team, assuring you the game won’t end in a draw. And if you disagree with their predictions, you are asked to make a prediction.

Free for Life

Most football fans underrate the cost-aspects of their favorite apps. The best apps sell some or all of their services. You may get the apps free on play stores, but you must pay for predictions. Some show a limited number of games. If you want to access all games, you must pay.

Skores is a free app for as long as you need it. Confirm that at You get updates for all major games around the world. You can configure it to your liking or install the app in all your devices.

The app’s only in-purchase gives you the option to remove ads entirely. The ads are nothing obtrusive. But if you enjoy your apps with no ads at all, feel free to pay a small fee to remove them.

Customize the App

If Skores could be summed up with two words, it would be simplicity and customizable. You can tweak the app in multiple ways, more than most football apps will allow. So, you dislike the bright resolution? Configure the app to display a night mode.

You can decide which notifications you want to receive and how you want to get notified. For the sake of simplicity, Skores notifies all important details about a game. You get notified when the lineup is announced. When a player gets a yellow card, you get a message. If you are only interested in goals scored, you can disable alerts related to yellow and red cards.

Unique Specs

So, you can configure the app. What’s unique about Skores? Everything—from the design to configurations, the top-rated app is designed to immerse you into live action. You may not be around your TV, but Skores is designed to bring you the stadium experience. You get short videos about games. You can favorite teams, sort through multiple teams and navigate through the app easily.

The best feature about Skores is the easy to navigate interface. Many football apps, even those with fewer features, are complex and difficult to maneuver. Skores is designed to help you optimize its features. From the moment you open the app to checking a live-game, you can access all of the app’s services.

To Conclude

Skores is a top-rated football live-scores app. With more than 5,000,000 downloads on play stores, the multi-sports app is one of the most popular sports app. The app takes a simple designed, a user-friendly interface and support for all major leagues around the world.

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