Tips to follow for first time long horse riders for a smooth ride

Tips to follow for first time long horse riders for a smooth ride


Tips to follow for first time long horse riders for a smooth ride

Are you going on a long horse ride and it is your first time? It is likely for you to feel scared and nervous and this is natural, you do not have to be ashamed of it. Below are some handy tips that will keep your stress level and nervousness at bay and make the riding a pleasant and fun experience.

  1. Put on a Helmet- First and foremost, while going on a tour ensure to put on a helmet. Pick one which snugly fits and do not forget to buckle the chin strap. Wearing a cowboy hat or going without putting on a helmet can be an unnecessary danger.
  2. Take Layers– If you go on a long ride take layers. There can be changes in the weather or a change in the altitude or a change in the landscape can affect the conditions and the temperature dramatically. So be prepared.
  3. Wear the Right Boots- It is best to wear paddock boots or boots with small heels to enjoy a safe trip.
  4. Invest in a Saddle- A saddle will help you in staying on the horse which means it will provide you comfort during long distances. A saddle is available in an array of varieties and styles, so it is vital on your part to size the saddle appropriately.

  5. Look for that Perfect Role Model- Picking the best from others will automatically help in bringing out the finest in you. Get in touch with someone whom you admire and wish to follow. See the qualities that have made him or her an excellent rider.
  6. Believe in Your Horse, Your Vision and Of Course Yourself- If you possess the correct mental attitude nothing can stop you to attain your objectives. You should have the belief that you can do it right and for this, you need to consider a few points- keep away from all negativity, think about challenges and see possibilities.
  7. Decorum to Others on the Road– Drivers on the road may get annoyed when they see your horse resulting in abuse or road rage. Here, the best thing will be to take baby steps. Always go slow. When road users slow down to allow your horse to pass, do not forget to thank them. Just giving them a smile or a nod can make the difference.
  8. Always be Seen- During the night everything gets darker, so it is good to put on reflective gears to ensure that you as well as the horse are visible. You can opt for bridle covers, bell boots, boots, horse blankets and reflective vests for perfect protection for horse riding during the night. Your horse should be familiar with bright lights. If you wish to know more on horse riding, check out TVG.
  9. Between Rides-Take a break to enjoy a warm soup or a cup of tea or coffee especially while on a long ride.
  10. No Shouting- Avoid shouting or screaming on your horse because they can get scared.

You can consider the above-mentioned tips and enjoy a smooth first-time ride.

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