Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier is reuniting with his long imprisoned father

Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier is reuniting with his long imprisoned father

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Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier is reuniting with his long imprisoned father


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Then, about 10 minutes before tipoff, Celtics point guard Terry Rozier walks over and wraps the man in a hug. The two have been waiting and talking about this moment for years, because Terry Rozier Sr. has spent all but nine months of his 24-year-old son’s life in prison. This is the first time he has ever seen him play a basketball game in person.

“I’ve been admiring the young man my son has become,” Rozier Sr. said in an interview with the Globe. “He’s just like me in a lot of ways, but he’s also so much different. He’s a better man than I was.”

Terry Rozier Sr. wants to make it clear that he is not seeking, nor does he feel he deserves, any sympathy. He understands he has made mistakes.

He is not a soldier returning home to see his son play basketball for the first time. He is seeing his son play basketball for the first time because he has been incarcerated for committing violent crimes.


This *was* a feelgood story for me until I learned the breadth of Terry Rozier Sr.’s violent crimes. Two instances of aggravated robbery, one which resulted in someone’s death.

I’m not writing to pass judgment. I’m happy for Terry III and hope his father stays on the right track.

This is yet another reminder that we often judge these kids without really knowing much of the background that shapes their character.

On Page 2, Marcus Smart might get suspended for opening night?

That said Oct. 16 opener against Philadelphia may be contested without Marcus Smart, ejected for a shove from behind that escalated an incident during Saturday’s loss in Cleveland, is almost immaterial at this point.

Smart repeatedly said he would be available to Smith away from the court and pointed twice to a tattoo on his forearm of his recently deceased mother.

As quoted in Sunday’s Herald, Smart said, “I told him to come back (to) the back. All that on the court, we can handle that off the court. I ain’t with that. And that’s on my mama, may she rest in peace. Ain’t no punk right here.”

Later, Smith fired back on Twitter, telling Smart to meet him on the street.

No doubt the league office will be having a say in this matter.


Well, shit. John covered the Smart/Smith dust-up extensively yesterday but I never figured it warranted a suspension.

These guys just have too much on their NBA rap sheets for this to be overlooked.

Having finished their preseason schedule, the Celtics now have a week to get right for next Tuesday’s opener with Philadelphia.

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