WWE Hall Of Famer Released From Prison After Serving 8 Months

WWE Hall Of Famer Released From Prison After Serving 8 Months

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WWE Hall Of Famer Released From Prison After Serving 8 Months


Sunny was WWE’s first Diva, the woman who bridged the gap between the days of women’s wrestling and the company’s Attitude Era. She had a dynamic personality and natural charisma that set her apart from every other woman in the industry.

But Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, has seen her share of controversy over the past several years. That controversy is keeping her in the spotlight right now, as TMZ is reporting that Sytch was recently released from jail after eight months.

Photo: WWE

Sytch was arrested back in March of 2018 and has apparently been in jail the entire time. She was initially hit with two DUI charges and did not show up for a number of court dates before she was finally taken into custody. Sytch was first jailed in New Jersey but was then sent to Pennsylvania, where she was locked up until her release on October 9.

Sytch began her pro wrestling career in 1992 as Tammy Fytch, where she worked alongside the late Chris Candido in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Sytch immediately got over as a heel and made a definite connection with fans.

Photo: WWE

But she really began to shine when she came to WWE in 1995. She and Candido went in together and Sytch changed her name to Sunny. With the WWE machine behind her, Sunny quickly became one of the standout Superstars in the company. She spent three years in WWE, where she also worked as a manger for The Legion of Doom.

After she was released from WWE, Sytch worked in ECW under her real name and once again managed Chris Candido. She also managed him in WCW before his death in 2005, after which she returned to the indie scene.

According to TMZ, Sytch has five DUI arrests on her record and five more arrests on unrelated charges. It’s unknown what happens next with Sytch and she has yet to comment on social media since her release.

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