Klay on his "new look" with beard: "Veteran, wise, aged, seasoned"

Klay on his "new look" with beard: "Veteran, wise, aged, seasoned"


Klay on his "new look" with beard: "Veteran, wise, aged, seasoned"


RAKUTEN PERFORMANCE CENTER, OAKLAND, CA — Golden State Warriors fan-favorite shooting guard Klay Thompson, alongside backup point guard Shaun Livingston, went on ESPN’s “The Jump” yesterday from the team’s practice facility. General manager Bob Myers also joined host Rachel Nichols, as did head coach Steve Kerr with former teammate and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen in the lobby area.

But all eyes were on Thompson as Nichols asked what many diehard Warriors fans, aka #DubNation, were dying to know: the impetus for Klay now sporting a beard.

“Veteran, wise, aged, seasoned. Those four adjectives,” Thompson replied when Nichols asked Klay to describe his “new look”.

Thompson also delved into why he’s the butt of so many jokes from the Warriors players. “I think I just receive it so well.”

Livingston said Klay is in his Top Five of funniest teammates ever: “His jokes are so underlined, that you just gotta know Klay.”

Nichols agreed, adding, “He’s subtle. He just puts them out there and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah.’”

Discussion shifted towards #ChinaKlay and the new #QatarKlay (Thompson took a trip to Qatar with Luke Walton, Tracy McGrady and Carmelo Anthony in August), and sure enough, Klay quipped, “I love China,” with Livingston having a front row seat to the Thompson brand of humor he had just mentioned.

As if taking a heat-check on the court, Klay soon followed that up by saying he looked good and felt good when Nichols asked about his Qatar “ensemble” which featured a thobe, sunglasses and, of course, the beard. This humble brag drew a “see what I mean?” grin from Livingston.

“You gotta immerse yourself with the culture,” preached Thompson in closing. “Be one with the people, be a man of the people, and you will get life lessons that cannot be taught in no textbook.”

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