WATCH: CM Punk Asked About Chance Of Returning To WWE

WATCH: CM Punk Asked About Chance Of Returning To WWE

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WATCH: CM Punk Asked About Chance Of Returning To WWE


CM Punk is one of the most controversial figures in recent pro wrestling history. The former WWE champion walked away from the business in 2014 and he has not returned since then.

Punk tried his hand at MMA, with two fights in the UFC but he came up short both times. He still makes public appearances but he has yet to do anything related to pro wrestling and that includes WWE. Fans continue to ask him if he will ever come back and he was put on the spot once again at the New York Comic Con.

We Love Pro Wrestling‘s Facebook page posted the clip of the seven-year old fan and the internet has been buzzing since it happened. CM Punk has stayed true to his word and remained out of WWE. At this point it’s unclear if the company would even take him back.

Punk’s departure left a hole in WWE that has yet to truly be filled. Though it opened the door for others to get over, namely Daniel Bryan, the fact is that no one has had quite the impact on Vince McMahon’s company like The Second City Saint.

Though he’s been out of the industry for quite some time, he is still very much connected. He still uses his pro wresting name and he obviously keeps fielding questions from fans concerning his career in the business. Punk may continue to deny any desire to return to pro wrestling but many believe it’s only a matter of time until he comes back.

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Much of that belief comes from the fallout over a lawsuit he and Colt Cabana recently won against WWE’s chief physician. Doctor Christopher Amann brought the lawsuit as a result of Cabana’s podcast, in which Punk told the story of his exit from WWE.

The court case was surely a financial drain for both Punk and Cabana. Perhaps Punk would indeed change his mind and return if the circumstances were right, though it will likely not be for WWE. Whether or not he will is anyone’s guess but the question will likely always be asked.

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