Review: Changes at Enterprise Center are a big improvement, but character is lacking

Review: Changes at Enterprise Center are a big improvement, but character is lacking


Review: Changes at Enterprise Center are a big improvement, but character is lacking


The Enterprise Center, formerly known as the Scottrade Center, Savvis Center or Kiel Center, went through a massive transformation this summer. New party/club areas were added, the whole building saw new paint and theming, new seats were placed in the mezzanine and much more.

So, how do the changes stack up? Is it more enjoyable to catch a Blues game at Enterprise? Overall, yes. However, there’s a severe lack of character in what’s otherwise a lot of good changes.

There’s no question that the Enterprise Center has a new and fresh feel to it. Most areas are clean and bright, the main team store has a new location that actually has space to move around, and there’s new areas for large groups or parties. The concessions found around the building feature plenty of different restaurants and items, and they addressed one of my major complaints by adding in more fountain soda locations.

The seats in the mezz may be my favorite improvement, as it’s actually bearable to watch an entire game in the upper deck. The seats are black, have a decent cushion and have cup holders that are by your feet.

I also visited one of the new party locations for groups that sits above the main lobby. For starters, it’s weird being in a new space after visiting the building for so many years. It had great views outside, but the area itself had a warehouse feel, with very little warmth. Granted we were only there for about an hour before the game, but it didn’t have a very welcoming vibe. The feel was cold and sterile. Color was absent.

The complaint above regarding feel, warmth and color can be extended to the entire building. The main colors around the building are white and black, with a complete absence of blue, yellow or any team colors. It’s likely that the Enterprise Center wants a more neutral feel for when it hosts non-Blues events, but it still feels like its a barren landscape dying for some decoration or color. Most hallways just have a drab, empty and even depressing feel to them.

It’s possible these things will be added, but for now the Enterprise Center could be any building in any city. There are touches of theming here and there (mostly seen in the new AB Biergarten), but what’s there is far from enough to make the whole building feel like home, let alone an NHL arena.

The physical upgrades are a huge improvement, but they’ll be received better if the Enterprise Center was to take on a bit more character.

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