Who's better: Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart?

Who's better: Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart?


Who's better: Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart?


Jackie MacMullan causally mentioned that Terry Rozier is a better player than Marcus Smart but Brad Stevens basically loves Smart so Smart’s going to be the guy who gets called on first.

It’s an interesting debate, so let’s dive into it a little bit.

Let’s start with this… this is not an effort to pit any one of these guys against another. Emotionally, we mostly ❤ them both. They have their own skills and both work on this team.

But… since Jackie Mac brought it up…

I’m going with Marcus Smart. Terry Rozier is a better shooter, for sure, and I’m sure scenes like an ankle-breaking step back that shut up Eric Bledsoe are seared into our minds. He shot 38% from 3 last season while Smart shot 30%.


Rozier’s overall field goal percentage was 39.5% to Smart’s 36.7%. Rozier is a better ballhandler but he hasn’t been a good finisher. On shots less than 5 feet last season, Smart was at 51.3% while Rozier shot 48.4%. In the restricted area, Smart shot 53.7% to Rozier’s 50%.

Rozier’s true shooting percentage was .520 last season, better than Smart’s .479 but worse than Marcus Morris .540.

And there’s the issue of passing. Smart is a better passer than Rozier. Smart might actually be the best passer on the team. How many alley oops did he and Al Horford connect on last season? How many of Terry Rozier’s alley oops have badly missed their mark?

Again, I’m not trying to cut anyone down. Rozier and Smart compliment each other and it’s going to suck next season if Rozier actually does leave in free agency next season. But if I’m picking one player, I’m going with Smart.

Who would you choose?

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