New York Giants: Don't Blame Eli Manning for the Team's Issues

New York Giants: Don't Blame Eli Manning for the Team's Issues


New York Giants: Don't Blame Eli Manning for the Team's Issues


Is there a player in the NFL who is currently scrutinized more than New York Giants veteran quarterback, Eli Manning? It’s highly doubtful. Man, the last Manning in the NFL sure isn’t having a great ending to his career. A few years back, Eli’s brother Peyton might not have been in the most excellent shape as a quarterback, but at least he got to ride off into the sunset.

Eli, on the other hand, is going to end up getting cut loose from a team that can’t seem to win more than a few games. Honestly, it’s not his fault. I am here to defend Eli Manning. Not because I think that he’s actually secretly playing well or anything. But because the Giants should’ve never assumed that they could keep rolling with Manning under center in the first place.

You can’t get on social media without seeing Eli Manning criticism filling up the timelines of the internet. Giants fans are angry, and all outsider fans are laughing. Yes, the Eli face can be funny when he makes his millionth mistake of the season, but it’s starting to get to the point where it’s so hard not to feel for the guy.

Why Blame Manning For Everything?

Manning’s retirement is at least a good two seasons overdue at this point. But how can you blame the guy for wanting to play more football? The Giants keep bringing him back, so why wouldn’t he continue to play the game that he loves, and the game that he gets paid to play?

Stop blaming Eli Manning for playing bad. Blame the New York Giants for believing that he could still play at an elite level after what we all saw last season. The front office is clueless. They swore he had multiple years left before the season began, and they will continue to stick with him now.

There’s no way anybody could possibly put Manning at fault for these issues. Players never want to stop playing the game. Do you see Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson (Ochocinco?) and many others on Twitter? They are players well over 40 who haven’t played football in years, who swear they can still ball. They would sign a contract to back on the field in a heartbeat.

So, how could anyone get mad at Eli Manning for saying that he thinks he can still play quarterback at a high level? At least he has confidence. Sure, it’s laughable when he says it because we all can see that he’s not, but what’s he supposed to say when a team is counting on him? “I can’t do this anymore?” Of course not.

Just applaud Manning for his confidence, and hope that the Giants give him a sweet pep talk after this season in hopes that he hangs it up. If not, then they have no choice but to cut him loose. He’s finished. It was a good effort, but it should’ve never come to this in the first place. Just cut the man some slack, and point the finger at the Giants at this point.


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