Jets trade rumors indicate team making move for Le'Veon Bell

Jets trade rumors indicate team making move for Le'Veon Bell


Jets trade rumors indicate team making move for Le'Veon Bell


The New York Jets are currently 3-3, and all of a sudden, rumors of the team making a potential trade seem to look like a much more likely outcome then their 2018 campaign being a throwaway year (as was previously predicted).

Gang Green has shown that it can win with a rookie quarterback, living with the ups and downs that come along with starting Sam Darnold — the third overall pick in this year’s draft.

Winning with a rookie quarterback is something they know how to do — as the Jets did exactly that with Mark Sanchez in 2009. They punched their ticket to the AFC Championship game, and had a few breaks gone their way, they’d have been in the Super Bowl.

And the Jets used a simple formula for success to make a playoff run — a two-running back approach, and great defense. Right now, the Jets have a decent tandem with Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell, but they’re in need of an upgrade if they want to make a run.

Enter Le’Veon Bell.

He’s currently on the Steelers roster, but has yet to report to the team. Bell has indicated he’ll return after the team’s bye week, but the Steelers players and coaches don’t seem enthralled about him coming back to mess with the team’s chemistry, especially now that they’re on a winning streak. John Conner is running well in the backfield, and the Steelers would likely be amenable to part with a player that has not played a single snap this season, as long as they get a solid trade haul in return.

It’s known that the Jets have expressed interest in trading for Bell, and that they’ve considered reaching out to the team with a possible offer. Not only that, Bell has hinted on social media that he’d be interested in playing in New York, which could make him more of a long-term addition, rather than a one-year rental. If he does want to play in the Big Apple, then trading for a player of his caliber would be worth it. The main red flag teams that are interested in trading for him are worried about is him leaving in free agency in the spring, but the Jets may have what it takes to sign Bell to a long-term deal.

The Jets could potentially field a three-headed monster rushing attack, and a potent run game is the best way to take the pressure off an experienced quarterback — also opening up play-action for big plays downfield, which Darnold’s arm strength can certainly produce.

Bell could be on the move — and soon. Right now, the Eagles and Jets look like the most likely landing spots. Stay tuned.

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