Yankees trade rumors indicate team could acquire Paul Goldschmidt

Yankees trade rumors indicate team could acquire Paul Goldschmidt


Yankees trade rumors indicate team could acquire Paul Goldschmidt


It’s no secret that the Arizona Diamondbacks are having a fire sale, and the Yankees could look to benefit from that by trading for one of their stars.

The D-Backs have made it clear that they’ll be willing to part ways with a number of their stars — including Paul Goldschmidt and Zack Greinke. It’s likely that they realized their window is closing, and given how great the Dodgers and Rockies have looked this season, they know this current roster isn’t going to be able to get it done.

And that makes for an interesting offseason, with the Winter Meetings just around the bend.

The Yankees have plenty of money to spend, and let’s be honest, they’re always looking to inject more power into their lineup, especially with the starting pitching having been as shaky as it’s been. And right now, Luke Voit and Greg Bird are capable first basemen, but let’s be honest, the Yankees could do better than that. That’s why they may go out and make a play for Goldie.

Goldschmidt would be a great fit in New York. His calm demeanor, leadership ability and overall stature would make him revered by Yankees fans. Goldie is exactly what Aaron Boone and Co. need in their locker room. Not only that, he’d come cheap, as the D-Backs have a $14.5 million option, which they’d likely pick up before trading him, so they can get something in return.

Voit did have a solid second half of the season, and he hit .333, with 14 home runs in only 39 games. But let’s be honest, Goldschmidt would be a huge upgrade, both offensively and defensively. He spent his entire eight-year career in the desert and could benefit from a change of scenery. And his stats are no joke, as he’s a .297 career hitter, with 209 HRs and 710 RBIs. He has a strange batting stance, as he points the head of the bat toward the ground and swings upward, but we could see him crushing plenty of dingers in the Bronx with it.

The Yankees have plenty of prospects they could deal, and this is a move we could fathom happening in the future. It just makes sense on many fronts — for both teams.

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