October Anytime Anywhere

October Anytime Anywhere


October Anytime Anywhere


Anytime, Anywhere

It really does feel as if our lives are becoming increasingly busier to such an extent that sometimes it’s like there are not enough hours in the day to do all that we want to..and that is where devices like the smartphone and tablet really come into their own.

I wonder just how much the creators and developers of the smartphone and other portables knew the dramatic effect that these devices would have on our lives and how much we would come to depend on them.

Not only do we browse, buy goods and services online, keep in contact with friends and family via our social media sites as well as carrying out health checks, banking, booking meals out amongst others tasks that would have eaten into our time, but increasingly, we are sourcing our entertainment through our smartphones and tablets too.

In fact, the trend to go out at night at a weekend has drastically changed with more of us preferring to stay indoors and finding fun things to do online instead.

This sway towards staying in can be seen most easily within the gambling industry with traffic to the bricks and mortar venues lessening whilst online casinos continue to flourish. The gambling industry together with one or two other industries was pretty savvy when the first mobiles came into view. And because of their foresight they were light years ahead of other companies when it came to optimising classic casino games for the mobile screen.

Today as mobile devices become even more advanced players can choose to do almost aything they want as long as they have the right kit and an internet connection.

Not only can players take advantage of a host of video games and slots but they can also experience the thrill of a live game via their mobile device.  Playing live roulette at Fruity KIng has to be one of the most enjoyable games about today as it encompasses all the thrill and glitz of a live casino atmosphere but from the comfort of your own home, something that many people will enjoy.

Not only can you play live dealer games from home you can of course play at any time and at anyplace you choose as long as you have an internet connection and this means that players can grab a few minutes of fun and entertainment in their busy day.

Luckily now there are no security issues whilst playing on your mobile devices as generally they are more secure than your PC at home being more immune to the thousands of viruses flying about.

Selection of games is not an issue either and being able to interact with the dealer and your opponents around the table in real time gives a great sense of authenticity, of being right there.

So, if your game is roulette, poker, blackjack or baccarat then think about trying out one of the live games even if it is just for the experience and the thrill.

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