What An Athlete or Sports Person Can Do To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

What An Athlete or Sports Person Can Do To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis


What An Athlete or Sports Person Can Do To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis


Similar to most conditions, plantar fasciitis does not care whether you are a famous athlete or not. If you place excessive strain on your heels as well as feet, this painful condition may possibly stop you from playing your favorite sports.

Plantar fasciitis, on the other hand, tends to attack high-impact sports that take lots of intricate of footwork and even running. However, by simply taking preventative measures and knowing the symptoms of this disease, you will be able to keep both your heels and feet healthy while enjoying your game.

Furthermore, one of the best ways that you can do in order to prevent or minimize the pain of this ailment is by wearing a pair of socks and sleeves for plantar fasciitis. As a matter of fact, lots of athletes today particularly runners are wearing this gear. If you are interested in this stuff, you can check out https://thecrossfitshoes.com/best-plantar-fasciitis-socks-and-sleeves/ and find out some of the best plantar fasciitis socks and sleeves that are currently available.

Nevertheless,if you are a sports enthusiast and afraid to experience this ailment, there are some things that you can do to prevent it.

How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis?


  • Give your heel and feet some rests


If you are a runner make sure to cut back some activities that may possibly harm or hurt your feet. Better yet, try not run or walk on hard surfaces.


  • Choose A Pair of Shoes With Good Support


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Athletes are often advised to change their athletic shoes frequently. However, for those who are planning to buy, make sure to choose a pair that has a good support so that you’ll not be able to put too much strain to your feet that may possibly lead to plantar fasciitis. Also, avoid wearing shoes with high heels.


  • Perform A Low-Impact Exercise


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Activities such as cycling or swimming will not make the condition worse or cause plantar fasciitis. But if you are doing any of these activities, we are advising you to stretch your feet and calves after you are done. For example, relax and curl your toes and then create circles with your ankles and feet.


  • Always Perform Any Warm-up Exercise Before Your Training


Stretching and warming up your muscles before your training has a big effect on how your tendons and muscles respond to and prepare for exercise. In fact, cold or tight muscles are not capable to stretch as easily thus they are vulnerable to injury and won’t support your tendons and muscles.


  • Do not over-do it


The best way that you can do to prevent plantar fasciitis is to know your limits and listen to your body. Focus on indications of exhaustion and pain as you concentrate on accomplishing your goals and you will be able to dodge overexerting your tendons and muscles.

Even so, increase your workout intensity and duration incrementally as it is helpful during your play. Also, do not make abrupt intensifications in how intensely or long you’ll participate in the activity.


By simply considering the above-mentioned tips, you will less likely to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis which is considered one of the most painful conditions that athletes may possibly experience.

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