From the Locker Room: Wizards 'overlooked' hustling Heat

From the Locker Room: Wizards 'overlooked' hustling Heat


From the Locker Room: Wizards 'overlooked' hustling Heat

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The Washington Wizards dropped their season and home opener against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. You can read our three takeaways from the contest here. Below you will hear what the likes of John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr., and Markieff Morris had to say.

John Wall

On the little things not getting done:

“There’s no excuse for it. We executed a lot. What we did defensively in training camp we did pretty well – preseason we did [well]. We were guarding the ball very well except for times where we just got beat one-on-one. Too many fouls early on putting them in the bonus and not understanding we’re in the bonus. We had some big opportunities at threes we didn’t make, but they made more than us. But you look at offensive rebounds [and they] probably wouldn’t even be in the game.”

Reporters, beware of using ‘trust the process’ in questions:

Bradley Beal

On the defensive rebounding not being good enough:

“That is the reason we lost – defensively. Granted the play at the end, but throughout the game we started off great with energy and locked in. As the game went along, we kind of let that fade and they kind of were the aggressors. They ended up beating us up on the boards, which if we are going to play small which is something that we want to do and preach about, we have to rebound. Plain and simple. All five, myself included.”

On getting into foul trouble but not approaching the officials:

Otto Porter Jr.

On if it was frustrating to lose to a Miami team on a back-to-back and shorthanded:

Markieff Morris

On the small ball lineup with him and Jeff Green on the floor:

“I love the lineup with me and Jeff because we can switch sides. I can guard centers, he can guard centers. We can get up and down the floor. Right now I think that’s definitely our best lineup.”

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