Watch: LeBron James reacts to Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo fight

Watch: LeBron James reacts to Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo fight


Watch: LeBron James reacts to Chris Paul-Rajon Rondo fight


LeBron James’ first regular-season game at Staples Center did not come without controversy.

The showdown with the Rockets was entertaining, as the game was close throughout, and, at times, had a playoff feel to it, given all the intensity. But there was tension as well, after a number of hard fouls took place throughout the game, including a clothesline that resulted in a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter. Minutes later, what resembled a street fight erupted.

It began after James Harden was fouled while driving the lane by Brandon Ingram. For some reason, Ingram was upset with Harden afterward, so he shoved the reigning MVP. A skirmish then broke out, and Rajon Rondo and Chris Rondo went face to face. CP3 then put his fingers in Rondo’s face, and the Lakers guard responded by throwing a punch at his opponent, which missed. CP3 then took a swing of his own, which hit Rondo right in the jaw. Then, from the top rope, Brandon Ingram came flying in out of nowhere and punched Paul in the back of his head.

You can watch video of the entire crazy fight sequence here, which also shows James helping separate Paul — his close friend — from Rondo. James was asked about the fight after the game by reporters, and here’s what he had to say.

James didn’t appear to be all that fond of what took place, and it will be interesting to see what he says to Rondo, especially since he and CP3 are Banana Boat Bros.

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