Paul Pierce announces vaping business

Paul Pierce announces vaping business


Paul Pierce announces vaping business


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Paul Pierce is diving into the murky waters of legalized cannabis use for the treatment of chronic pain.

The business itself is Vesper, co-founded by Pierce and Rhode Island native Elliot Mermel. Their only product at the moment is the “Vesper One,” a $59 device.

Pierce easily could have announced it as a vaping company, but that he tied this device to his use of medical marijuana to treat pain and anxiety is especially interesting.

Many states are legalizing at least medicinal marijuana use, while many, including Massachusetts, have also legalized recreational use. But even though many players live in areas where the use is legal, it’s still a banned substance by the NBA.

The league has signaled a willingness to legalize it, though there are federal hurdles to clear if it does. Removing it from its banned substances list could draw the ire of the Trump administration. Jeff Sessions has publicly declared war on weed, but has met substantial resistance in Congress. President Trump has expressed support for legalization efforts, but until that passes, a league with a federal anti-trust exemption may not want to tempt fate.

Pierce’s jump into this business is another step forward, and a prominent voice for marijuana use as pain medication for athletes. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

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