Training like an NBA star – offseason workout routines

Training like an NBA star – offseason workout routines


Training like an NBA star – offseason workout routines


Andre Iguodala, Deron Williams, LeBron James, Damian Lillard are just a few of the many NBA players out there that decided to share their workout plans offseason. If you are planning to get in shape by the end of this year and you would like to train at the highest intensity level, then you are in the right place. NBA players are known for their incredible physical strength and resistance, so everyone wonders what do they do to remain in shape all year until the pre-season is just around the corner. The offseason period is – for NBA players – the time where all their skills are visibly improved.

During offseason, high-intensity workouts are being followed. When pre-season comes, NBA players stick to lower intensity workouts, since they don’t want to lose all their energy mid-game or to suffer injuries. Post-season is all about relaxing and regaining stamina for the next one. Well, this is your lucky day. This article is going to present some training sessions that NBA players take seriously. In case you feel strong enough to follow these, you’ll be in shape sooner than you think. Here’s what you should know:

Training regimes of famous NBA players

After carefully analyzing the training routines of several NBA players, you can make a workout plan that works best for your needs and goals. Personalized plans are the best to improve yourself where you consider it necessary. For instance, LeBron always selected an intense workout offseason and he didn’t take breaks at any costs. Lillard focused on core stability, to improve his performances in court, as well as DeAndre Jordan. You should get informed about their routines before choosing one that may not fit your standards or current fitness level. A combination of different workout plans of various NBA players should do the job better. Take your time to gather all the information you need before starting your journey.

The balance between diet and exercise

NBA players usually wake up early in the morning. Some wake up at 5 a.m. which is quite drastic, while others choose a reasonable time and wake up at 7 a.m. You will – most likely – follow the second case. If you are a slow riser, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to start your day strong. In terms of diet, NBA players never skip breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Jared Dudley shared the meals that helped him gain the weight he needed and maintain it for a long period of time. The perfect breakfast should include protein, vitamins, and fibers. In order to achieve that result, you should eat eggs, different fruit, and cereals such as oatmeal. Natural juices and protein shakes are also recommended.

Here’s where the balance between diet and exercise makes an apparition. After eating breakfast, it’s time for your first workout. This workout should include a full-body routine that is centered on cardio. Your main goal should be rising your heart rate and not forcing your joints or muscles too much. Swimming is a good idea if you have a pool nearby.

After your morning workout routine, you need to take lunch. Eating after a workout is a bit more pretentious. You need to choose your meals carefully. Meats such as chicken, turkey or fish are the most recommended for lunch. Carbs can be consumed as well, depending on the dietary plan you selected. Usually, carbs are great for restoring energy. A combination of carbs and meat is essential for rebuilding muscles fast. The period between lunch and dinner is all yours. Fill it with healthy habits. To avoid binge eating or unhealthy snacks, set clear goals and follow an eating schedule. Frozen fruit or yogurt should satisfy your sweet tooth. Small bowls of salad also count as snacks, as well as fresh vegetables.

A full workout you can do at home

For a true NBA workout, you will need to do some fitness shopping. The exercises which will be included in your home workouts are not based on your weight entirely. You need to add some dumbbells here and there, some yoga balls for core stability and ab rollers for a full-body workout. This is a list of everything you need for a complete workout:

  • Dumbbells – choose adjustable ones, so you can choose exactly the weight you need for your workout

  • Kettlebell – great for quick morning workouts that target the entire body

  • Resistance bands – they will make some exercises much more intense

  • Yoga mat and yoga balls – you will need them for comfort and stability

  • A jump rope – useful for cardio training

  • Ab roller – helps with easing muscle soreness after a rough workout and increases flexibility while toning the abs. If you want a better guide about the best ab roller then 10fabs should be your first choice.

After doing all the shopping, you need to choose the workout program that fits your needs the best. Here are a few ideas for an intense training regime:

  • Warm up and stretch routines

Setting clear warm up and stretch routines that you follow religiously before and after your workouts are paramount. Don’t start your workout without going through the warm up first. You can end up injured if you skip this step and all your progress will be canceled.

  • Include corrective exercises

It’s important to avoid all sorts of aches through the workout you choose. This is why you should include some corrective exercises in your workout program. These are meant to improve your posture, keep you away from muscle pain and build strength easier. Your knees and ankles should always be in good condition.

  • Core work and heavy lifting

You can choose this protocol, known as 5×5, only if you previously worked out before. As it is a very intense program, beginners shouldn’t jump right to it to avoid becoming fatigued too quickly. The most common exercises for this sort of regime include pull-ups with a jump, side lateral raises using heavy dumbbells, sit-ups and so on. Use your ab roller every other day to let your muscles rest between workouts.

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