WWE Reportedly Interested In Former Tag Team Reuniting

WWE Reportedly Interested In Former Tag Team Reuniting

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WWE Reportedly Interested In Former Tag Team Reuniting


Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper have both been off television for quite some time now.  The interesting thing is that the new chapter for both men has been detoured for different reasons.

On Wyatt’s side, Matt Hardy has more or less retired, leaving Wyatt with an open story.  Harper has found success due to a rekindled run as one-half of the Bludgeon Brothers.  He and Erick Rowan dominated the Smackdown Tag Team Division while Wyatt and Hardy handled deletion on the Raw side.   Rowan’s injury halted the Bludgeon Brothers’ progress.

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So, there is common ground here and that is why fans of The Wyatt Family may be in for a mini reunion soon.  The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that there is talk going around for Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper to reunite as a tag team once more.

“Since neither has had anything to do since both were in teams and their partners were injured, there was at least a pitch done for Wyatt & Harper to be put back together”

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While Dave Meltzer makes a good point, both Wyatt and Harper are on separate brands.  Of course, having either one jump to the other brand is an easy fix.  Wyatt seems like the easier transition as his program with Hardy is over and done.

Perhaps the alliance can be temporary to get both men back on TV, but is there potential for longevity this time around?  The Wyatt Family has had great moments during their time together over the years.

Photo: WWE

Both Wyatt and Harper have proven that they can still make an impact post-Wyatt Family.  There may have been some booking mishaps on the way, but the legacy of the Wyatt Family is there from Daniel Bryan to Randy Orton.  Also, The Wyatt Family is where Braun Strowman got his start on the main roster.

One other factor in Wyatt’s favor is Hardy’s words on Twitter that put Wyatt over have left a lasting impression on the WWE fans.  Many feel that Wyatt’s potential hasn’t been fully realized, leaving them frustrated over the idea Wyatt certainly deserves better.

With the past success for The Wyatt Family, there is no doubt that pairing Harper and Wyatt together once more isn’t such a bad idea.

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