5 off road jeep racing tips

5 off road jeep racing tips


5 off road jeep racing tips


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Riding is a passion for a rider and off road riding is an adventure to him, but if you are a beginner then you have to go through the depth of it. No need to read the manual, just have a look here, you will get the basic knowledge, actually more than that for off road jeep racing.

Here is your 5 off road jeep racing tips:

There are lots of thing you should know while go for the off road jeep racing.

  1. Choose the correct vehicle: Choosing the correct vehicle is most important while racing off road. You should take care of the small thing, related to your car, like choose a light weight vehicle which performs great than a heavier one. Wheelbase really matters, as your jeep’s stability and performance depends on it. Always select a shorter wheelbase for a strong stability.
  2. Modify your Vehicle: Make sure that you have all the safety equipment while going for the off road racing. Off road riding means it all about your best 35 inch tires capability. Right tires will enhance your performance and you can enjoy your ride. If you are going for the trail driving then rock tires should be the first choice. While choosing the tire don’t forget about the lift kits and gearing. These are also important.
  3. Condition of Driving the Jeep: Before leaving to the ride, make sure that you know the road condition. Basically there are 4 types of road condition, Rock, Sand, Hills, and Snow/Mud. For the Rock path low down the tire pressure upto 5 pounds, drive your jeep in low gear, as you are the fresher in this off road riding so never try to drive in high speed whenever you are around the rock. For the sand you need a strong gripe so make sure that the tire pressure is near about 12 pounds. Driving on Hills is the toughest thing. So never do any stunt there, always drive straight up or down. When you are driving on Snow or Mud, you need the capacity of your 4 wheels. So choose the best tire from the autonerdsreview. Low gear is best for driving through wet and sludge path.
  4. Cross check and be well prepared: Before leaving on this journey don’t forget to cross check your jeep, including the battery capacity, oil and fuel. Along with that, make sure that you have prepared the packing for overnight (if necessary to stay anywhere). Also carry some extra dry food, water, and blankets with you. It is for the worst scenario; carry the fire extinguisher, first aid kit too. What will you do if you need emergency exit from your jeep? So carry the glass breaker, and seat belt cutter.
  5. Ride in Group: As you are a fresher one and new in this adventurous ride, so it will be better to leave for this ride with a group of people. Your riding group not only makes this ride fun but also they will make this journey easy. If you get stuck into a trouble , your friends will help you, a group means lots of helping hands and less chances of getting lost during the journey.

Off road riding with the Jeep is always a fabulous thing, but as you are the beginner so maintain these mentioned things. Rest you can handle by yourself as per the demand of situation. Mistakes make a man experienced, so you can learn from your mistake. Now leave for your passion. Happy journey.

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