Significant comparison between standard and Olympic grade weights

Significant comparison between standard and Olympic grade weights


Significant comparison between standard and Olympic grade weights


Some people consider physical fitness as a passion and they do everything to attain a perfect shape. In a typical gym, you will see much workout equipment with simple as well as complex mechanisms. However, the primary accessory that every fitness enthusiast requires is a weight set. Weight plates of dumbbells and barbells are helpful in doing multiple workouts. At first look, all of the weight sets looks the same, but there is a significant difference if you watch closely. Basically, the weight sets are classified on two categories:-

1)    Standard Grade

2)    Olympic Grade

The Olympic grade weights are meant for professionals who are preparing for challenges like weightlifting and deadlifting. On the other hand, the standard grade equipment is for regular exercise. Both standard and Olympic grade weights are helpful in attaining the desired physique. For understanding their significant differences, you need to read the below article thoroughly.

Major Differences between Standards and Olympic Grade

Before knowing the differences, make one thing clear in mind that both of these options are good for physical fitness. The right selection depends on the objective of the user. Here are some differences to consider:-

1)    Bar thickness

When it comes to the barbell, you will notice a difference between their thicknesses. The Olympic grade barbell is meant for lifting more weight. Thus its strength is also higher as compared to the standard model. As per the parameters of Olympics, the metal bar length spans 2.2 meters with a weight of 20 kilograms. They are meant for lifting the weight up to 1500 pounds.

On the other hand, a standard barbell has less strength because it is meant for lifting weight around 200-300 pounds. The thickness of this barbell remains between 27 to 28 mm depending on the standards of different countries.

2)    Weight platehole size

If the thickness of barbell varies, the holes will also differ from each other. The standard grade weight plates have a one-inch hole, whereas, Olympic plates have a 2-inch hole to pass through. Consequently, you can also notice a significant difference between their sizes even with the same weight.

3)    Customisability

When it comes to the adaptability, standard barbells have the upper hand. Due to their less thickness, you can also add Olympic grade weights in them to practice. However, it is not possible with Olympic grade barbell because of its thicker size.

4)    Torque harnessing

Torque is one of the major issues with weightlifting equipment. While doing activities like curl and snatch, the wrist is highly prone to injuries. These are the professional level challenges; therefore, Olympic grade barbells come with revolving ends. This reduces the risk of spinning that may cause major physical injuries. The standard barbells don’t have such kind of feature.

How to find the right weight set for a workout?

1)    The first thing to consider is your objective of buying because Olympic grade barbell and weight set is only helpful if you are preparing for a competition. Otherwise, standard weights and rods are enough to attain the desired shape.

2)    The second considerable thing is its safety. No matteryou are buying a standard or Olympic grade, never compromise with the quality standard of weights. Consult with the seller and make sure that equipment is coming with complete safety assurance.

3)    Weight sets are meant for a long time use; thus there must be a warranty regarding the lifespan. Thoroughly check all terms and conditions that are covering the warranty before buying.

4)    It is also important to consider multiple options rather than sticking to a popular brand. Nowadays, many online suppliers like Fitek fitness equipment manufacturers provide high-quality accessories at an affordable price range.

From the above information, it is now clear that weight sets also have different categories. One can easily figure out the difference by checking the rod thickness and weigh plate’s holes. Whether you visit a brick and mortar store or the online store, this information will be very helpful in selecting the right equipment.

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