6 Reasons to Stay Involved in Your Sorority after Graduation

6 Reasons to Stay Involved in Your Sorority after Graduation


6 Reasons to Stay Involved in Your Sorority after Graduation


Graduating from college is a sad event for most people – after all, it is probably the last period in your life when you are relatively free of responsibilities and have so many opportunities in front of you. However, it is even worse for sorority members, because they have an additional layer of ties connecting them to their college life. Graduating means cutting them and suddenly losing this network that took so long to create and maintain. However, there is no need for that, because staying in touch with your sorority and participating in its life after graduation has much more to it than mere sentimental value – it can be quite helpful for you throughout your life. Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why you should never cut your ties with your chapter.

1. Employment and Networking

One of the most immediate reasons to stay involved in your sorority activities after graduation is all the connections and networking it makes possible. There are thousands of current and former members of the sorority you belong to, and many of them keep warm memories of their time there. The first thing you are probably going to do after graduating is looking for a job – and it is where your former sisters can be of help. Your prospective employer being a former member of your sorority can be the final drop that sways the scales in your favor when you are considered for a position. A current or a former member may know somebody hiring for a position you would be perfect for. Or let’s imagine you are looking to be hired by essay writing service WritePro and happen to know a former member with experience of working there – this connection can get you a long way as well.

2. Further Education and Support Opportunities

Sororities can be of huge help if you intend to continue your education after college, as many of them maintain scholarship funds for former members. Depending on a specific sorority, these scholarships may be state- or chapter-specific, so check carefully if you are eligible before applying for them.

In addition to that, many sororities maintain funds to help their current and former members who got into difficult situations in their lives – for example, if they are single mothers or have been diagnosed with a serious illness.

3. Keeping Old and Finding New Friends

Finding new friends in college is extremely easy – but for most people things change after graduation. Once you are out of school, making new and lasting friendships turns out to be much harder. In this context staying active in your sorority has two effects. Firstly, it helps you keep in touch with people you were close with while at school. You may not see each other every day now, but this little additional connection can mean all the difference.

Secondly, it makes it easier to find new friends. Just keep connected to your local alumnae group, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to break the ice of a new acquaintanceship when you already have something in common.

4. Past and New Experience

If you played an active role in the life of your sorority and especially if you occupied a leadership position, it makes a nice entry to your resume. Particularly if you are looking for a job for the first time and don’t have much work experience. Keeping in touch with the sorority after graduation can be worth it just because you get an opportunity to mention this as the evidence of your active position in life.

5. Volunteering

While in college your primary concern may be where to buy essays to get through your next difficult assignment, after graduation you are likely to think more often about how to make the world a better place. And maintaining connections with your sorority can give you an answer. Your choice of a sorority may have already been influenced by which non-profit organizations it supported and which of them were in better alignment with your values. The good news is that you can maintain the connection with these causes even after graduation because the ties binding sororities and philanthropic organizations are usually long-term commitments. So, if you are willing to participate in volunteering activities, your former sorority may be an excellent place to start – they are always happy to see their alumnae signing up and participating in events and programs they cooked up together with their supported organizations.

6. Giving Back

It may not be among your immediate concerns, but it probably will as you grow older and look for the ways to give back and support those who are currently in the same situation you were one day. Playing an active role in the life of your sorority after graduation gives you an opportunity to help women who, well, need help. Different sororities approach this in different ways, but it may come in forms of workshops held by former members, mentorship programs, assistance with employment and much, much more. After making use of all this yourself, you will get an opportunity to give back to the community later on.

There are many organizations and networking opportunities opened up for students and recent graduates, but being a part of a sorority has something special about it – so don’t miss this opportunity and stay active for as long as possible.


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