#CeltKicks: Nike officially unveils the Kyrie 5

#CeltKicks: Nike officially unveils the Kyrie 5


#CeltKicks: Nike officially unveils the Kyrie 5


Nike today officially unveiled the long-awaited Kyrie 5, which he’s been wearing in practice for a few weeks.

Photo: John Karalis

Photo: John Karalis

Photo: John Karalis

Today we got the official look and in-depth explanation of the design.

Image: Nike.com

I’ve become more involved with what’s going on in the outside world. Before, I was just trying to get a shoe out. I was just trying to have something that looks hot, looks good. Now I’m trying to have something that is driven from who I am.

Among the features outlined by Nike are a forefoot “zoom bag” aimed at returning energy to the foot when a player makes a cut. Energy return has been a major focus by Nike in all of its athletic shoes. There has been discussion whether Nike’s “Vapormax” running shoes give marathoners an unfair advantage because they are believed to return 13 percent more energy than most comparable sneakers. The energy return allows a cutting guard to change directions with a little more of a boost… almost as if the sneaker is helping to push the player in the new direction.

Nike’s signature “flywire” technology has been adapted, as they say, with inspiration by a Venus Flytrap, to help the overall comfort of the shoe.

Benjamin Nethongkome concept art via Nike.com

The’ve also added a new traction pattern on the sole, which includes…

“He wants to have more than just a basketball shoe. And this allows us to apply more of his spirit throughout the shoe.”

The new Kyrie 5 launches on November 22.

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