Is sugar really bad for you?

Is sugar really bad for you?


Is sugar really bad for you?


The sugar is a part of our everyday nutrition, and we can hardly imagine how people lived many years ago. They didn’t have the opportunity to have sugar daily and could eat it only a few months a year. Only the season of fruits could get a chance for people to have sweets. Today, we meet sweet substance everywhere including drinks, cereals, and other food that we daily eat. However, this sugar is not as healthy as it was many years ago and we are warned from everywhere to stop eating it. Lots of governments are putting taxes for sugar and experts around the world are arguing about sugar’s harm.

For many years scientists have been trying to define the harmful effect of sugar on the human’s health, proving that it must be excluded from the nourishment. If one gives summarize to the significant researches done for the last five years, one will find out that the person who eats more than 150g fructose in a day risks to reduce insulin sensitivity. The consequences of this may lead to different problems with the help, including high blood pressure. However, most of the scientists claim that these harmful consequences could be depended on the collective impact of sugar and the excess calories. They state that sugar itself is not so bad, but it increases the possibility of excess calories. There is also a statement that it is dangerous to exclude a single food.

Sugar that we are talking about includes the table sugar, honey, sweeteners, and drinks from fruit. It is used by adding to any kind of food in order to improve the taste. There are simple and complex carbohydrates, and the first ones include lactose, fructose, sucrose, glucose, and others that can be easily found in the food people eat. In the middle of the 20th century, the development of extensive conversion of glucose into fructose ended with creating a syrup concentration of fructose and glucose. This combination is what most people imagine when they hear the word “sugar.”

This fructose corn syrup had become really popular in consumption and the researches state this fact influenced the increasing obesity. The researches that mainly examine the impact of sweet substance in human health are mainly focused on sugary drinks. Analyses show that there is an interconnection between the body weight and the consumption of sugary drinks. Such drinks have an ability to cause hunger, and that means that a person can’t compensate their drinking by decreasing the consumption of other food.

However, not every scientist agrees with the fact that sugar is the major reason for obesity. Some of the scientist state that obesity is still increasing for the last few years despite the fact that the consumption of sweet substance has been considerably decreased. The corpulence is growing even in those areas where the high fructose corn syrup is not popular at all. So, this syrup is not the only problem. Many scientists see the big problem in added sugar, such as fructose. A study of added sugar showed that people who used to consume them were under the higher risk of heart disease.

A professor of physiology Luc Tappy states that high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes are caused by the excess calorie consumption, and the sweet substance could not be the only problem as it is only one part of these calories. He claims that those people with matched energy intake and high its output do not suffer from the high dose of sugar in their diet. People who systematically do sports may have higher sugar intake but the lower chance of getting heart illnesses. From this one can see that there are not enough facts of added sugar impact on the health.

At the same time, there are researches that examine the effect of sugar on human brains. The results of Matthew Pase’s examination show that people who consumed lots of fruit and soft drinks display a smaller level of brain functioning and worse memory abilities. However, Matthew Pase himself stated that he could not define such bad influence of sugar at all as he only studied the consumption of sugary drinks.

The list of the researches even demonstrates the good impact of sweet substance. The results of some experiments state that sugar is a good motivator for older people to complete the difficult tasks. Without sugar consumption, they feel like these tasks are much harder and need to make more effort for their completing. In addition, the increasing of sugar level in the blood makes people feel happier in the process of completing the complicated task.

Many scientists agree with the statements that excluding sugar from the diet could be even dangerous. If people do so, they need to find something for replacing and are under risk to replace sugar with more calorific food. Another danger is to confuse food with added sugar and healthy food with sweet substance, excluding important components from the diet.


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