5 Cool Adventure Sports to take up this Year

5 Cool Adventure Sports to take up this Year


5 Cool Adventure Sports to take up this Year


If you’re a sporty person looking for some exciting adventure and haven’t decided on what to do for this year yet, it can be difficult to find something that matches your taste. Here are 5 amazing adventure sports for you to take up that are all highly gratifying.

Underwater Hockey (Octopush)

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to increase your fitness, then you’ll love underwater hockey (aka Octopush). Initially invented by Sub-Aqua Club founder Alan Blake, the sport was meant to keep members of the club using the pool over cold winter months in a fun way, and is now played worldwide at bliss.

Essentially the game itself requires 6 players to be submerged in the water at a time, while 4 other players acting as rolling substitutions for breathing periods. This makes Octopush quite competitive and fun to strategize in. It’s a great way to build stamina while still having fun with friends.

The equipment consists of a snorkel and mouth guard, hat with ear guards, a swimming mask (goggles), a pair of flipper fins and a stick and glove. You’ll be ready to rumble underwater to your hearts content!


For those looking for a more scenic adventure that will give them the perfect rush of adrenaline, then zip-lining is definitely what you should try this year. What could be better than going down a declined rope while being attached to a suspended cable that will allow you to see vast landscapes and amazing views?

The Selvatura Park in Costa Rica offers an amazingly scenic view over beautiful Costa Rican landscapes. But for those looking for a bit of an extreme rush, try the quickest and longest zip-line in the world, situated in Sun City, South Africa. The views make for amazing pictures for you to hold onto the memory of the amazing adventure rush that is zip-lining.


Surfing is just one of those “must try” sports for everyone.This famous adventure sport is well loved from coast to coasts around the world! So for those who have not tried surfing yet or have not made their surfing rounds this year, I encourage you to get to the water before this year ends.

Since surfing is so well known and loved, there are plenty of surf shops and academies that will give you the best advice on how to surf and what surfing gear would make for the best surfing experience.Surfing spots can be found all over the world from to Mexico to Sri Lanka and even Germany. So make sure you catch some waves as soon as you can.

Sledding (Sleighing)

From the Cool Runnings movie that had shown a lot of people the sport for the first time, sledding itself is an essential winter sport experience. And for those who are not faint of heart and ready for the cold, the best places to do sledding is in Europe, where some of the best sled runs in the world are.

What better way to get some cool adventure and memories from the icy season than by sliding down some amazing hills as you zoom through the snow and race with friends? As exciting as it sounds, it is best to start with smaller and less steep hills to hone sledding skills and build up courage.

The entire experience of sledding includes seeing incredible views and amazing European food and accommodation in the high snowy mountains, and is definitely a must try before this year ends.

Tough Mudder

Calling all hard core adventurer sport lovers! Tough Mudder is a newer sport that tests mental and physical strength and requires participants to move through a 10-12 Mile obstacle course that commonly plays on human fears such as fire, water, electricity and even heights.

This sport was founded by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone, and is meant to allow people to test their teamwork and comradery to overcome gruelling obstacles. Participants are encouraged to commit themselves to help others, which makes this sport adventurous and social for everyone who participates.

Over 3 million people have already participated in this sport and many challenge events have been done in the United States. So for those who love adventure, challenges and others, then this will be the coolest and most exciting sport for you to try this year.

So if you rather prefer getting the top sports news from around the world while at home or playing some sports yourself, don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone and give these cool adventurous sports a shot if you haven’t already. Because why not?

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