Check out Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry’s New Bling

Check out Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry’s New Bling


Check out Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry’s New Bling


The Golden State Warriors Championship Ring Ceremony would be one proud moment for any Golden State Warrior fan. No wonder, the Warriors are golden champions for a reason- not many teams can walk away with championships without apparently breaking a sweat. So, what they get as honour for being the champions they are is special too.

Featuring reversible centres, can the Warriors’ 2018 NBA championship rings get better? Well, I doubt that. What we don’t doubt is that these perfectly crafted rings are indeed the perfect fit for all the NBA champions.

The cheers reached heights as the actual championship rings came down the ceiling. And it couldn’t have been louder as the real basketball kings, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were handed over their rings at last.

More about the rings

Those championship rings, they’re sure good enough to set a trend. The rings leave just nothing behind and is crafted to symbolize the Team’s dominance. They are something you ought to know more about. So here you go with the details of those breath-taking NBA Championship rings.

# Loaded with sparkling blue and white diamonds, the Warriors’ 2018 Championship NBA Rings were personally designed and manufactured by Jason of Beverly Hills.

# The shades would be a treat to the eyes.

# The best feature of the Warriors’ 2018 Championship NBA Rings is that they are reversible. It is the first every reversible ring in the Championship history.

# The reverse side has ‘Strength in Numbers’ beautifully engraved.

# The ring has ‘The Town’ logo engraved.

# With ‘World champions’ engraved on one side of the ring and the player’s last name engraved on the other side, the rings are sure a real honour.

Now, as an NBA enthusiast or a Kevin and Stephen fan, we know there can be no better feeling than having one replica of those gorgeous championship rings for yourselves, can there be? Well, that’s exactly what has got for you.

Well, why don’t you check them out for yourself at If you are interested in buying some awesome replicas of these innovative championship rings, check out

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