Why The Colts Will Score More Than The Other Guys - Bye Edition

Why The Colts Will Score More Than The Other Guys - Bye Edition


Why The Colts Will Score More Than The Other Guys - Bye Edition


I’ve done this in the past and made up some goofy crap about the Colts losing to the bye week, mainly because under Charles Pagano, I’m pretty sure that actually happened.

But I’m not doing that this time.

Let’s talk about this:


*This* was tweeted out by my man Lenny before the TNF game between the Raidahs and the Niners. Thursday was a terribly bad day for me, so I missed pretty much everything that happened in the world, but as you can see, his tweet garnered a lot of attention.

I started to read his mentions, then quit. It just wasn’t worth it. I’ve seen things saying this isn’t the first time this cheerleader has done this. So what.

Bottom line: We The People have the right to a peaceful protest, and this includes our national anthem. I say this as someone who always stands for it, at least in public. I say this as someone with multiple family members who’ve served our military. It’s how I was raised, and what I believe. I stand.

But it isn’t about me, and it’s not about you, either. I harbor no ill will against any player or cheerleader who expresses their right as a citizen to a peaceful protest. No one should. I support them 100%. I’m not even sure why this is even still an argument. Media. Sigh.

Why does everything have to be so black and white? Why do we have to hate everything that doesn’t fit our narrative?

Why can’t we just love?

Why can’t we just accept?

Think about it.

Bye 37, Colts 14 





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