How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guards

How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guards


How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guards


Soccer shin guards are important equipment for the soccer players. It is essential to wear because of their safety. Sometimes it is hard for the new players to determine which one is right for them. As an example, if you are a midfielder, you need not the same shin guard as the forward. Besides, a beginner has not required the same type as the older player. Besides, there are some other things of consideration to choose the right shin guards.

Types of Soccer Shin Guards

There are different types of Soccer Shin Guards. But they are mainly three types. So, you should choose it according to the use. The types are ankle guards, slip-ins with the sleeve, slip-ins shin guards. Let’s see the short description of them.

Ankle Guards

Ankle guards are not for only your shin protection but also for the protection of your ankle. It has the strap system that helps to secure shin guards. Some feel uncomfortable with this type of shin guards. So, when you go to purchase, you should try it before taking it.


This name is behind its work. However, you can feel a little bit uncomfortable to use them when you play. Some soccer players keep it in place by using tapes.

Slip-Ins with Sleeves

This type of guards does not move when you play. The sleeves under your socks provide the optimum protection of your shins.

Things of consideration to buy Soccer shin guards

Before purchasing the soccer shin guards, you should consider the things below:

Choose one that has ankle protection for the new users

The basic types of shin guard are two. One has the ankle straps that wrap under your foot and protect the ankle. The other one is simple and has slides under the socks to protect the shins. For the younger player, ankle support shin guard is better for safety. You should be careful of the hybrid guards that have the ankle protection but cannot wrap around properly. But they are also expensive.

Considering shin-guards for the older one

Slide-in shin guards are good for the older players. The player who plays well and who are serious to the game, the ankle guards are bulky for them. Even many younger players choose the slide-in guards which are easy to push under the socks. Though it is slightly less protective, the speed it adds is essential for the game competition.


Size is an important matter to determine before buying. It depends on the height. The larger one is longer and also wider. The best-sized shin guard is few inches below your knee and above of the ankle. You need the guard that covers the front from the below the knee and right above the ankle.


Choose a guard that properly molds your leg width. The professional one chooses the custom-molded guard. But for the younger soccer, it is the good idea to choose the shin guards that completely protect the shins. When you look at the legs, your shin guards will cover the entire width of the legs.

Try the guards with the socks

Before buying the shin guards, you can try one under your soccer socks. Choose one that is comfortable for you. Walk around to feel it and even try a jog if it is possible.

For the defender

When you play as the defender, you play to protect the box and get more action coming such as hard shots or attacking the players. So, you need more protection than the striker. So, you should use the wider soccer shin guards.

For forward and midfielder and goalie

For forwards and also midfielders, lighter shin guards are the good choice. As the forward, you need the lighter one for your mobility. But midfielder and striker, ankle protection is needed. The goalie needs minimum protection.

Materials of the shin guards

It is better to choose the shin guards that are made of plastic and carbon fiber. They provide the best protection. This matter is also depending on the needs of the players. Plastic made guards are less expensive and good for the medium-leveled players. On the other hand, carbon fiber made shin guards are stronger and are for high-level players.

To choose the best pair of soccer shin guards, you should take of the matter given above. Choosing the right one depends on the age, the experience of playing, player’s position, materials, comfort and so on. So, when you decide to purchase, make your budget and think your needs and comfortability.

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