5 Fitness Tips For Soccer Players

5 Fitness Tips For Soccer Players


5 Fitness Tips For Soccer Players


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Soccer is one of the most watched and followed sport around the world. It has around 4 Billion fans and one of the most famous ball games. Soccer is obviously has given the world many known figures like Pele, Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Maradona, Neymar and many more. There are many people who dream to be one of them and indulge their time practicing their signature moves and styles. But what you need to understand is that nothing beats hard work. That how these players beat the odds and came out victorious. They did not try to copy, they worked hard to create their own style and raking masses in their fan club. To become a better player first you have to be in a better shape. In every sport, personal well being comes first. There are many exercises that you can include in your regimen but there are other factors you have to consider as well.

  • Mental and Physical Health:

First and foremost thing you have to consider is YOURSELF. The need to sleep and eat better is not nagging but necessity. Overworking and extra workout can lead to muscle tension and other irreparable injuries. So that’s a big No-No. There are times where you are doing everything right but your mental state is unstable due to stress and being too critical of yourself which leads to unnecessary mistakes. That’s when you should take a step back an re-analyse yourself. Good mental and physical health can lead to a successful gameplay.

  • Diet:

Food is the fuel of the body. Put the right type and amount, you are a beast but hamper with the quality and quantity, you are nothing but a faulty machine unable to give your best on the field. A normal soccer players diet should involve all natural products and those that are serious about their health often invest in a natural vegan meal plan to build their muscles which we’d encourage you to read more about. You have to balance Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and other healthy items like chia seeds, fish oil etc to give you all form of energy and nutrition. All the performance enhancers should be avoided at all costs. Enhancers like steroids might look like a proper solution to achieve that goal. On steroids people might get that burst of strength but that’s momentary. On a long run, people on steroids have the risk to develop tumours, cancer, trembling, mood swings, hepatitis etc.

  • Stretching:

The sheer need to warm up your muscles to make sure they don’t jam or get harmed exile running miles and twisting your body to do trick shots or trying not to body slam others or gaining momentum to get that goal, Yes stretching is very important.

  • Exercises:

A full body work out is necessary in every sport. But like every sport demands special exercise to suit the game, so does soccer. Some of those areas are

  • Frontal Plane Exercises
  • Maximal Strength Exercises
  • Core Workout
  • Full body strength training
  • Upper Body Exercises.


  • Proper Workout Regimen:

You can’t be just working out or just playing. You need a proper schedule as per your body need. Overexerting will lead you nowhere. Try to build a functioning time table to accommodate training, gym, food and rest. And making sure to take time off will hep you keep you calm and your mind refreshed to make you work better.

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