Are you a mountain bike rider and thinking to purchase a mountain bike? However, before going to invest your effort and money in your product, a little market research is vital to do. Here we are discussing some important tips which one should consider when buying a mountain bike. If you are a beginner to mountain biking, then these essential tips may prove helpful to you:

1)    Budget planning

Budget is the most crucial thing to remember when purchasing a mountain bike. By primarily planning the budget, you can list the alternatives and then evaluate them accordingly. It is possible that you may require additional money to get some wellbeing gear like protective caps or gloves or biking garments. You can look at various choices as you can get mountain bike under 1500, 1000 or 500. Therefore, you should first decide the budget that you want to spend and then have a look at the rundown of best mountain bikes.

2)    Kinds of mountain bikes

You can find various different bikes in the market and it is important to know about all so that you can pick the best mountain bike for you. Majorly, mountain bikes are categorized into three main types. These are:

  1. a)    Full suspension mountain bikes: These bikes have complete suspensions and shock absorbers at both back and front sides.
  2. b)    Hardtail mountain bike: this is the second kind of bike that you can choose apart from a full suspension bike. The difference is that hardtail bikes have suspension forks on the front side only.
  3. c)    Rigid mountain bike: this is the third main type of bike but has no suspension available.

3)    Size of the mountain bike

Size of the bike is a crucial thing to consider while purchasing a mountain bike. The accurately measured bike will give you the additional solace and adaptability while riding. You should always attempt to test the bike first at a bike store before paying your amount for it. Always look for the reach i.e. distances between the saddle and bar and the distance from a center of a crank and mid-head tube i.e. the stack measurements.

4)     Materials utilized in making the mountain bike outline

The primary focus to purchase a mountain bike is the utmost comfort and a thrill experience to your trip. Therefore, you should know the materials that the mountain bike is made from. It is obvious that the more solid and high-quality material, the more the bike will be durable and estimated. It is rightly said that a one-time investment in the good product is more worthy than buying cheap products again and again. Rich quality material for the bike creation will likewise give the bike a more comfort and hearty feel. On the other hand, a low-quality bike is available at a cheap rate. Therefore always check the material of bike before purchasing.

5)    Highlights

Last but not the least; highlights are the vital piece of any mountain bike. Features are the only thing that differentiates the alternatives and draw the attention of the buyers. You can first look with moderate highlights and later on move up with the advance highlight mountain bike. Here, a few highlights are mentioned below that needs to be viewed when purchasing a mountain ride bike:

a)    Seat:

It is one of the important features to consider as if the seats are comfortable, the rider will definitely have a decent riding experience and if not, then your whole experience might go bad. Therefore, never choose a bike that has hard and inappropriately cushioned seats.

b)    Brakes:

The mountain bikes are available in two kinds of brakes: rim brakes or disc brakes. Disc brakes are always preferable though they are somewhat expensive.

c)    Gears or shifts:

There are various kinds of gear shifts in which bikes are available. The most common found shifts on a bike are trigger shifters, paddle shifters, thumb shifters, and twist shifters. Therefore, always look at a bike features before picking the one ideal for you.


So, these were some tips and things to remember while purchasing a mountain bike. You should always look for the budget, features, material of the bike and types of bikes.

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