NFL screwed Steelers with brutal scheduling vs Ravens, Panthers

NFL screwed Steelers with brutal scheduling vs Ravens, Panthers


NFL screwed Steelers with brutal scheduling vs Ravens, Panthers


The Steelers got off to an 1-2-1 start, which was played up by the media, but no one was panicking in their locker room.

Pittsburgh has rattled off four consecutive wins this time, against the Falcons, Bengals and Ravens, no less.

The team looks improved on both sides of the ball. Blown coverages are down, and as a result, the team is no longer giving up big plays like it was their job. Not only that, they’re also getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. On offense, the chemistry between Ben Roethlisberger and his receivers is back to where it was last season, and James Conner is running like a man on his mission, with Le’Veon Bell barely even an afterthought.

But this particular stretch is a pretty brutal one for the Steelers, and the NFL is to blame for it.

It’s known that every matchup against the Ravens is a physical one, moreso than any other team the Steelers play — and it’s always been that way. The Steelers often come away bruised and battered, with extra time in the ice tub and less practicing with pads on. However, the NFL had the Steelers follow up their game against the Ravens with a matchup against the nearly-as-physical Ravens — on a short week, no less. The Panthers played a finesse team on Sunday in the Bucs, while the Steelers come into Thursday’s game having played on the road in Baltimore.

That’s a brutal scheduling spot no matter how you look at it, and bettors have taken notice. The Steelers opened as six-point favorites in the game, but they’ve already been bet down to four. This popular sports betting advice website — which also provides some great horse racing tips — will give you the details you need on the game,

As for the Steelers, it will be interesting to see how they recover from their previous physical matchup heading into Thursday’s bruising showdown with the Panthers.

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