Two former NFL players elected to Congress

Two former NFL players elected to Congress


Two former NFL players elected to Congress


Two NFL players whose careers ended not too long ago were voted into office on Tuesday.

Former Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez and ex-Titans linebacker Colin Allred ran for Congress, and both were successful in their inaugural campaigns. Gonzalez (R-Ohio) was named the winner of the Ohio 16th congressional district, while Allred (D-Texas) managed the same result in the Texas 32nd congressional district. Allred defeated Pete Sessions, who had previously served 11 terms. As for Gonzalez, he defeated Susan Moran Palmer.

Gonzalez was a member of the Colts for five seasons, where he enjoyed the luxury of catching passes from Peyton Manning. He managed 99 catches for 1,307 yards (seven touchdowns). As for Allred, he played in 32 games during the course of his NFL career, and recorded 46 tackles in that time period.

Congratulations to both former players are in order. Allred’s victory really stands out, given Sessions’ longstanding history, having served in Congress since 1997.

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