Best Footballers to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Best Footballers to Follow on Instagram in 2018


Best Footballers to Follow on Instagram in 2018


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Instagram is a wildly growing social media platform with 700 million monthly users at the moment which is even more than Twitter. This platform is one of the best and the most used platforms at the moment and well, the user engagement of people on IG is justified because, yes, it is an undeniably great site where people can interact with one another and specially they can shop here easily.

Not only this, in fact, Instagram is popular for celebrity presence too. Here you will see that most of the celebrities and famous personalities are engaged on a whole another level and this is the one platform that actually keeps you updated about each and every single activity of your famous people that you post.

Instagram is overall an amazing place where you can interact with people, get entertained, follow people and their lifestyles and you can even shop so it’s a whole package. And honestly if you wish to build your own personal brand and market it then Instagram is the one platform you need to opt for. Marketing your brand, product or services here at Instagram is very easy and you can even get Instagram likes easily so yes it’s definitely worth a try.

Footballers to follow on Instagram

Back to the topic of today, if you are a football fanatic and if you really want to become one in the future then it is but very obvious that you’d want to follow all the best footballers on Instagram. And today we are here to fulfil that wish of yours, today we will be jotting down the names of some of the best footballers out there who are actually very famous and active enough for you to keep a track of what they are doing and when they are doing it.

1- David Luiz @davidluiz_4

David Luiz has made an unforgettable return to the Stamford Bridge and this Brazilian footballer has always been the center of attention for many. He is fun, quirky and the best part is that once you visit his IG account, you won’t be able to resist scrolling and drooling over his posts. He is a funky guy and a bit nonsensical too at times. From making weird faces to posting weird pictures he is like a show stealer and well, again, if you really are a football fan then you’ve got to follow him and know what the real and personal life of this amazing footballer looks like.


2- David Beckham  @davidbeckham

This person is not short of introduction and he is the best when it comes to his footballing skills. This globally famous footballer has some amazing posts to share and well, we promise you that you will love what he is and how he is. Not only Beckham, in fact, once you open his account you will see him sharing some funny stuff with his children who are gorgeous just like him. Honestly, if you are a lady and a football fan on top then yes account needs all your attention. David Beckham has always been the person who steals the show and well, you will see what an interesting person he is once you open up his account on Instagram. Among all the other people, this guy is a must-to follow.


3- Neymar Jr. @neymarjr

This Brazilian footballer is someone to die for! His looks, his skills and he himself is a great person. His IG account is all full of his own pictures on different trips, training and vacations and well for first you might feel like he is a bit self-obsessed but then someone who looks that good and plays that well has all the rights to be a fan of himself. He loves hanging out with friends and yes, he is a party guy so you will enjoy visiting his Instagram account.


Now without wasting any more time, just open up your IG account and follow these people right away. We assure you that you won’t regret this one for sure and you will enjoy following all these people.

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