4 Things you should know about heavy bag training

4 Things you should know about heavy bag training


4 Things you should know about heavy bag training


The heavy bag is often used by kickboxers and fitness enthusiasts to maintain their physical fitness. The bag itself is constructed using vinyl or leather and can weigh up to 100 pounds. Punching a heavy bag not only promotes the development of lean mass but also allows you to sharpen your self-defense skills.

As part of your heavy bag training technique, it’s important to pay attention to how you punch the bag. Avoid looking down or staring too much at one specific spot when throwing your punches. You can easily get a Free Standing Punch Bag for enhanced training.

Here are 4 things you should know about heavy bag training:


  • It’s a great aerobic exercise


Punching a heavy bag as you twist and turn around it acts as an exquisite aerobic regimen. Your body consumes lots of oxygen during this low intensity exercise, allowing you to burn at least 200 calories after a 30-minute workout. If you add more vigor into your punches, this increases the intensity of your workout and prompts your body to burn more calories. If you desire to shed off that extra fat lying around your tummy, incorporating heavy bag training into your workout regimen will certainly help.


  • Helps you to develop more power


It’s every fighter’s dream to increase their punching power and win more rounds. The heavy bag is the perfect equipment to use if you desire to develop more power. Since the bag doesn’t retaliate when punched, you can unleash your heaviest, most ruthless punches. Imagine your biggest rival standing before you as you execute your punches. Go hard on your offense by generating optimal velocity during your heavy bag workouts. Although technique is crucial, developing more power will help you to handle the most skilled opponents.


  • Improves your self defense


Most people cower when faced by threats. However, conducting heavy bag training can actually help you develop effective skills in self-defense. You can simply imagine the bag as an adversary trying to attack you. Use a variety of lateral movements, ducks and bobs in an attempt to avoid the opponent’s heavy punches. In addition, use a variety of offensive punches to startle the offense and throw them off their feet. You can swing the heavy bag and attack it as it moves back and forth – this will make it look more realistic.


  • Enhances your footwork and coordination


Without fluid footwork and proper coordination inside the boxing ring, it can be hard to deliver powerful punches. Training with a heavy bag helps professionals to work on their timing and rhythm. You can quickly dart into the punching range and exit with increased ease, unleashing a combination of offenses and planning your exit when the opponent’s threat increases. Heavy bags can effectively simulate real-life combat scenarios. This helps you to prepare for any upcoming fights. Working on your coordination and footwork will give you some leverage over the opponent.

Heavy bag training is also an effective stress reducer. Rather than offloading your stress on people you love, simply punch your heavy bag until you’re feeling much better.

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