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Justify The Hype


Justify The Hype


In less than 7 days, the Chargers…beat the Radiers, lost Perryman for the year, saw Bosa practice, had another December game flexed into primetime, and had Kobe Bryant tell them they haven’t done shit yet.  If I’m not mistaken, Bryant spoke to the team once before.  It may have been in San Diego?  Anyway, he’s right that they haven’t accomplished anything yet.

However, they played a solid game on the road last week.  I don’t care how bad they’ve been, you don’t want to let the Raiders beat you.  The goal line stand was impressive, as was the Liuget fumble.  As much as I’ve justifiably trashed him, he’s played very well since coming back from suspension.  It sucked to see Perryman go down even if the defense stepped up in his absence last week.  If you saw “Backstage: Chargers” this week, you saw some nice footage of him on Halloween with his kids.  The “Mic’d Up” footage from Seattle shows you his big role on the field, especially in the rush defense.  Sadly, he’s been injured a ton and I wonder if he’s worth resigning as a result.  I get why splashy replacements like Bowman or Cushing might not be Telesco’s style, but will the guys on the roster be able to fill in?  Linebacker was already the thinnest spot on the roster.  As Lynn himself said, there was a reason Perryman started over those guys.

Rivers had a solid game even with the interception to Marcus Fucking Gilchrist.  I read some comments on Twitter that Allen should have had that 50-50 ball, but is that really is strong suit?  The run blocking was great and Gordon is looking the best he has yet in the pros.  I read somewhere that he wants to go back to his college number next year.  Right now, I wouldn’t question anything he says.  He mentioned in a press conference that somehow the tides have turned with this team.  They have won games in the end that they have traditionally lost, even if they were digging out of holes they created.

They have also wilted down the stretch so many times before.  In the years before that, they’d wilt in January.  Right now, we’re looking just to get back to January.  I heard Phil Simms yesterday on Sirius (he’s still an awful announcer) talking about how Sean Payton always has his team ready to play.  I don’t think he was referring to him breaking the fire alarm in Cincy necessarily, but the fact that he doesn’t have many emotional letdowns.  They may lose, but not due to coming out flat.  Right now, Lynn’s philosophy is working.  The Chargers seem to understand that Denver will come in there tomorrow looking to knock the suddenly-hot Bolts off their perch.  They’ve fucked us up so many times before.  Maybe not as much as KC has lately, but still too often.  I am sure there will be Denver fans in Carson, but this as good a chance as the Chargers have had to turn that stadium into a home field.

Then there’s Bosa.  I don’t know if he’ll play tomorrow but I have a feeling he will see some action.  The team was putting him out there after acting like he had a bone bruise since September.  Bosa confirmed that it was a Lisfranc injury which was really caused when he tried to practice before the opener.  Ryan Kartje of the OC Register answered my question of what the purpose was of this smokescreen with “if details are known, maybe timetables are all scrutinized.”  Clearly, Bosa has been itching to play.  The possibility of him returning and Perryman exiting don’t exactly cancel each other out.  One helps the pass rush and the other the running defense.  But the psychological impact is pretty awesome.  When Derwin James says shit will get scary, it suggests that a squad that has been really gelling will have that little extra confidence.

It’s a lot to ask a team to win every game.  But this group took the last month to really come together.  They understand they have two games before the schedule (and the stakes) get harder.  They know that dropping one at home to the Broncos makes those 10 wins they’ll need to get in all the more difficult to secure.  They also know if they win and KC loses to the Rams that they will be tied for first.  Do I think they could beat the Queefs right now?  I don’t think we can take the Chargers seriously until they can.  If they had last year, they would have gotten into the playoffs and KC is a lot better this year.

Linsday has been great for Denver this year.  This is a team that almost beat KC and has lost to the Rams by 3.  I don’t think the Chargers will take them lightly at all.  Denver lost Max Garcia this week, so hopefully the defense can take advantage with or without Bosa.  It will be announced tomorrow, but I really do think he’ll play.  The Chargers have these two home games before shit gets really serious.

Derek Wolfe made his comments about how Phil’s always complaining.  Von Miller admitted he used to hate Rivers and now they’re cool.  Chubb will try to get after Rivers as well.  But Wisenhunt has been much more imaginative this year.  The jet sweeps have been good and as long as Travis Benjamin doesn’t see the field we should  be okay.

I won’t touch base with you all until after Turkey Day so have a great Thanksgiving.  Let’s get this thing into #Philcember.  That’s the only way see #Janurivers and #Philburary.



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