Brian Burke to Brad Marchand, "Stop Being a Clown"

Brian Burke to Brad Marchand, "Stop Being a Clown"


Brian Burke to Brad Marchand, "Stop Being a Clown"


Former Toronto Maples Leafs General Manger and Sportsnet hockey analyst, Brian Burke doesn’t pull any punches. Last night on To The Point, Burke told Boston Bruins forward Marchand to clean up his act.

“I can’t stand the clown show,” Burke said. “The licks, the kisses, the slew foots, the antics with the fans, the white towel. Why does such a quality hockey player have to engage in a clown show like this?” Burke asked of Marchand, who has been suspended by the league six times in his career.”

Does Burke have a point? Is Marchand a Clown?

After Boston’s first game, I said this.

Today, as expected, many are upset with Marchand’s on-ice antics. Some are calling for that the NHL to suspend Marchand. Being a repeat offender, Marchand doesn’t need any extra attention the NHL would love nothing more than to throw the book at Marchand and make an example out of him. While last night’s fight late in the third period offers some red meat for Bruins fans. He just put a huge target on his back.

The point is, Marchand is an effective, talented player when he plays on the edge. Marchand has the ability to get into other players heads.  He also plays on one of the best lines in the NHL.

Like Capitals forward Tom Wilson, Marchand is one knuckleheaded play away from a lengthy 10-20 game suspension. The Bruins don’t need him to get suspended, and that’s his biggest problem. Many times Marchand goes over the edge and becomes a detriment to his team. I agree with Burke, stop being a clown, just play hockey.

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