Becky Lynch Trashes Chris Jericho's Music In Twitter War Of Words

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Becky Lynch Trashes Chris Jericho's Music In Twitter War Of Words

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Becky Lynch Trashes Chris Jericho's Music In Twitter War Of Words


Former WWE star and current NJPW IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho was one of many people who applauded the work of the WWE Women’s division in the past few weeks, most notably at Survivor Series over the weekend.

In a new Tweet aimed at WWE, Y2J praised the company for the current momentum of the women’s roster.

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“Congrats for making womens wrestling hottest thing in ! Who’s headlining ?”, wrote Jericho.

Becky Lynch, who has been on a rampage as of late not only in the ring but also on social media, was quick to remind Jericho that she is responsible for the current WWE women’s division hot streak, by replying with “nope, that was me.”

Jericho followed the exchange by pointing out that Nia Jax is the one responsible for breaking Becky Lynch’s nose on Raw last week, and the comment seemed to strike quite the nerve with Lynch as she fired back with a low-blow regarding Jericho and his band Fozzy’s latest album.

Even former WWE star and Hall of Famer Bully Ray chimed in on the Twitter spat by responding to Lynch’s comment with an image seeming to indicate Lynch had destroyed Jericho in the verbal battle.

The outspoken Jericho did not allow Lynch’s shot to go unnoticed, as he quickly responded by pointing out the Fozzy album’s success and taking a shot at Becky Lynch’s brief time in clown school.

“The one that went number 1 on w 30mill views on ?”, Tweeted Jericho. “Maybe go back to clown school for better material”.

Lynch has yet to respond to Jericho’s last Tweet, but if her past Twitter statements are any indication, the current WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion might be loading something into her social media chamber and waring patiently to unleash it on both Chris Jericho and the rest of the Twitter universe.

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