Top 5 sports leagues with the highest attendance

Top 5 sports leagues with the highest attendance


Top 5 sports leagues with the highest attendance


While sporting activities may be accompanied by the jubilation and camaraderie which makes them look like something trivial, the reality shown by the numbers of people attending sporting events indicates that sports leagues are big business. It is for this reason why many enthusiasts are looking for a sports league website builder to follow these leagues and rack in the cash from advertisements.

Of course, you probably will not be able to make the same money as sportsmen themselves or their owners (now, you may think of Steve Ballmer who paid $2 billion for the Los Angles Clippers four years ago) but you can also get some revenue from the popularity of the sports leagues.

Here are the five sports leagues with the highest attendances. The teams are ranked according to the average number of fans attending matches during the latest season.  

  • National football league

The latest available figures from the United States’ National Football League show that a total of 17,788,671 fans watched football matches in the 2017 season. What gives this league the highest attendance is the average number of fans visiting each of the 256 matches; which is reported by the league to be 67,405. For a league with 32 teams, these are impressive figures.

  • Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a football league based in Germany which attracted a total of 13,661,796 fans in the 2017 -2018 season. Here, we mean European football that is referred to as soccer. The numbers available from the Bundesliga website indicate that the average attendance at games across the season was at 44,646. A total number of 386 games were played by 18 teams.  

  • Premier league

In the third position is the Premier League. This league consists of football teams based in England and one from Wales. In the 2017 – 2018 season, 20 teams played a total of 380 games. The average number of fans who attended these matches is reported by the English Premier League to be 38,297. The aggregate number of fans who streamed into stadiums to watch their favourite teams play was 14,552,748.

  • Australian Football league

The Australian Football league consists of 18 Australian teams that play what is referred to as the Australian Rules football. Officially, this type of football is referred to as the Australian football; with fans of the game simple calling it footy, Aussie rules or just football. The game is a contact sport where two teams with 18 players each battle for supremacy using an oval ball. To score points, the ball has to be kicked in-between two goals posts.

The Australian football league website reports that 7,594,257 fans watched matches in 2018 where a total of 207 matches were played. This league comes in on number four with an average of 36, 687 fans watching each game.

  • Nippon Professional Baseball

The Nippon Professional Baseball League comes in at number five. This league, also known as the NPB and locally referred to as the Puro Yakyū (プロ野球), attracted 25,139,463 in the 2017 season. Many people who live outside Japan know the game simply as Japanese football. The average number of fans who attended each of the 858 games was 29,300. The league only has 12 teams; which makes it an achievement to have a sport in the top five leagues of the world.

A careful look at the numbers above shows that sport continues to be taken seriously by people in different countries across the world. For instance, the European Football Statistics website shows that since the 1970s, the average attendance at soccer matches is at its highest in 2018 with numbers approaching the 40,000 mark per game.  

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